Feeling “Alive” and Well with Zander Bleck

This summer Zander Bleck delivered what it really meant to live with his pop rock single “Alive,” and noted to us that it was just the beginning of what he had in store musically. All about going after what he wants in life, we talked music, travel, photography and all that makes up this bi-coastal artist.

Kendra: This summer saw the release of your single, “Alive.” Looking through all you do, you seem like the type of person who truly lives life to the fullest. Is that mentality what inspired the song?

Zander Bleck: Yes it is for sure. I really wrote “Alive” as an ode to myself to keep chasing my dream. To not give in. I think when we all experience some kind of true disappointment or heartbreak; the world seems dark and brutal. We have to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be alive and pull ourselves together. That is what this song is to me

Kendra: You also live in two cities that never sleep. How does being in LA and NYC fuel your drive?

Zander: It is really the best of both worlds. The lifestyle in LA is hard to beat. I can escape to the forest, the mountains, the beach and the desert so easily. But nothing is better than the people in NYC.

Kendra: Other than your music, what is one way you’ve managed to manifest your wildest dreams?

Zander: It’s funny you say that. I am a huge advocate of the Law of Attraction and attribute all of my success to it. I think always believing in yourself is key. It can be really hard because reality has a way of smacking you in the face every once in awhile, but if you truly believe you will get what you want. You will. Believing is the hardest part.

Kendra: Of course by traveling. You seem to always be on the move. When you aren’t taking selfies, who is your favorite travel buddy/photographer?

Zander: Really whoever is with me. I really love photography and composing interesting photos. Social media has challenged me creatively to try to create something cool whenever and wherever I am. A lot of people hate it, but I actually love it.

Kendra: You just said you also dabble in photography. What is one shot you’ve taken that best represents your musical style?

Zander: I do really love photography. I’m always trying to capture the most wondrous aspects of life. We are living in really crazy times with so much negativity and hatred. I try to capture just how insanely beautiful so much around us really is. My favorite shot is one I took on a timer as I climbed to the top of a mountain in Switzerland as the sun was rising next to a hotel that was built into the cliff.

Kendra: Really quick, if you had to pick an artist to duet with, tour with and simply just cover who would it be given Daft Punk, Coldplay, and U2?

Zander: You nailed it. In just that order.

Kendra: New single this summer, what else is on your plate this year?

Zander: Quite a lot! “Alive” is really just the beginning of a lot of new music and new videos that will be released throughout the rest of this year. I will start performing in August (which I can’t wait for) and am up for a pretty big national tour this fall.

Kendra: You’re surrounded by so much art in NYC, but if you had to pick one particular piece of art that represents the idea of being alive, which would it be and why?

Zander: I would say Winslow Homer’s “The Gulf Stream” from 1899, which is at the Met in NYC. It depicts a lone man at sea on a broken boat, amidst a storm surrounded by sharks. His face remains stern and focused despite his situation. He is alive and he is going to make it to shore. That is Alive to me. It’s a beautiful piece.

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