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River Alexander

ZO Concept Director

After college, where I studied architectural design and communications, I began a science fiction script that blossomed into a trilogy. That adventure has now become quite an inspiration for the ZO Concept.

ZO Magazine is a unique vehicle combining literary and visual unions from a diverse creative constituency. Our goal is to showcase blended and circular perspectives of life, philosophy, mystery and fantasy through these creative offerings … and touch the world as we do.

I am extremely excited about our fictional documentary – The O.D.D. ROOM | or | Other Dimensional Discussion.   Through its invention, ZO will unveil an imaginarium of creative thought, alternate universes and dimensional shifts amid a real time global conversation … as we seek — a different kind of universe.


David C. Pond

I must write.

Writer FASHION: from Alpha Centauri to Zeta, starting on the Art Convergence page

Diana Nilsen Aylward

Diana is the author of CREATIVITY from our Global Welcome page (now in archive). We highly recommend her book 32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency.” It is a real help for curing writer’s block.

Diana has traveled extensively and we will be adding a travel log on some of her’s and others observations about the “Vibes of Cities.”

Leah Welch

ZO Entertainment Editor | Poetry Director


I scooped out a pile of your ash
and put it in a mason jar.
Placed it on the bedroom dresser
so that when I dreamt of you
I could wake up and yell at you.

Trapped and dirty in that jar
you said nothing.

And I did not care
that you were not
a ghost
like you always promised.

I put your picture in the ground
In my backyard
where we once kissed
and listened to the slow fruit drop
from the tree.
I pushed a seed into the ground
above your smile;
wanting you to taste
the things to come.

And every day for two seasons
I’d go to that seed
in the stubborn ground
and care for it
so that one day
the roots would come
to tangle,
and pull you apart.

© 2014 Leah Welch

Fabiana Medici

Actor, Acting Coach (Strasberg), Writer, Founder: PlayKulture – “Angel”

ZO Writer for Artitude and Imaginarium …

Melanie Paul

Writer — Daily Plight article on “MINDFULNESS”

Cherly Daniels

Writer Hair on the Hat, Hair & Headdress page

Tai Woodville

Writer — Art and Human Consciousness: Transcending Postmodern Doubt

Tai Woodville is a Portland-based writer, blogger & musician.

Photo of Tai by Blake Gardner

Rachel Cadden

Writer Off The Grid in the Quest for Paradise section

Scott Navicky

Writer NOTHINGNESS & the NIGHTSKY in the Poetry section; and thoughts about “Convergence” for our Art Expo.

Scott Navicky is the author of Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking (Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, 2014). He attended Denison University and the University of Auckland, where he was awarded an Honors Master’s Degree in art history with a focus on photography theory. His work has appeared in Chicago Literati, HYPERtext Magazine, (614) Magazine, Fiction Writers Review, Necessary Fiction, and Chaos + Words. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Jane Varley

Jane Varley is the Chair of English and Coordinator of Creative Writing at Muskingum University in New Concord, Ohio. She teaches writing and literature, and she writes and publishes poetry and nonfiction. Her published work includes three books, a memoir from the University of Nebraska Press, a chapbook of poetry from Finishing Line Press, and a co-authored coaching memoir, with the late Donna Newberry, member of the National Fastpitch Hall of Fame and two-time winner of NCAA Coach of the Year.

Bill Evashwick

Showrunner for New Dominion Pictures

Writer on – The O.D.D. Room

The Other Dimensional Discussion Room is a “fictional documentary” that ZO initiated to tell the story of an Arts Consortium trying to change the world – trying to raise the consciousness level on earth …

… and so we are! Development and filming are ongoing.

Zerr Her

I’m a Rubik’s Cube
Of 53 colors
And I tend to give life lemons

Writer of our first “PhiloDrama”
POUNAMU, starting on the Art Convergence page

Rafael S. W

A recent Creative Writing graduate and a founding member of Dead Poets’ Fight Club, Rafael S.W has been published in The Big Issue Fiction Edition, Voiceworks, and Award Winning Australian Writing.

He regularly contributes to Going Down Swinging online and competes in poetry slams and giant-sized chess games.

Rafael was ZO’s 2014 Poetry Expo winner and will begin a regular quarterly column beginning in 2016

Grant Durando

Creator|Curator Pathological Poetry
ZO’s 1st International Poetry Editor

(From Pathological Poetry)

Banging my head against the floor, the wall:
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please!
I don’t want you to see me like this.”

But no one is the ‘you’,
which leaves ‘I’ in question;

how could any ‘1’ forgive
a questionably apologetic I.

The headache was real,
the stains on the floor
caused by vomit-soaked long-
man hair was real

but I’m not sorry.
I rolled in it on purpose;
to make a mess

so ‘I’ could have a point.

© 2014 Grant Durando

Katch Campbell


Writer WHY POETRY and ALLITERATION and CADENCE | Ellen Bryant Voigt’s “GROUNDHOG” in the Poetry section

Johanna ”Joey” Wagner


Johanna has an M.F.A from Chatham University and a Ph.D. from Rutgers University. She teaches Italian language, literature and cinema at Penn State University in State College, PA.


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