Poppin’ In Barbados with Vita Chambers

It’s hard to imagine any artist coming from Barbados void of a vibrant sound. A picturesque paradise in most of our minds, but really just a place Vita Chambers will always call home. While she doesn’t currently reside there now, she said she could never get tired of the place she grew up. That’s the truth that came out while chatting with this dance-pop artist as we dished about ice-cream, Rihanna and more.

Kendra: Born in Canada but raised in Barbados. How do you feel your surroundings growing up shaped your sound?

Vita Chambers: I don’t think growing up in Barbados directly influenced my sound, but I think my approach to life is a reflection of my up bringing in Barbados. When it comes to writing I need to have an open-mind to let inspiration spark.

“Want You”

Kendra: Rihanna is probably the most famous from those parts. Had she influenced the local music scene at all?

Vita: Rihanna has done wonders for Barbados, opening the door for more artists to been seen on an international scale and for more local artists to be inspired.
Kendra: What is one place where you live that only the locals know and love?

Vita: My favourite place in Barbados is the Globe Drive Inn. They have the best soft serve ice-cream and fries. Every time I go home I have to go at least once.

Kendra: Musically speaking, what are you up to at the moment?

Vita: At the moment I am getting ready to shoot the music video to my next single and planning new shows and tours for the summer. I will be announcing them on my twitter, Facebook and website.

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