Nashville Pop Duo Truitt on Kin, Fallbacks and Twists


No matter how many siblings I come across in music, I am always amazed at how they can put that innate sibling rivalry aside and create. Okay, so perhaps brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to want to bicker about every little thing be it the remote or the right note for a song, but nevertheless, I am always amazed by it and this week is no different as we get to know the pop duo from Nashville made up of a brother and sister Brett and Brigetta who otherwise go by their last name, Truitt. They just dropped their new single, “Fallback,” and are talking about that, working together, their younger fan base and more.

Kendra: Did you two grow up in Nashville or did the family head there when Truitt started to take shape?

Truitt: We grew up in a small town in Central Florida called Auburndale. In January of 2015, we moved to Nashville to pursue music. At that point, we were already a band for two years, and it felt like a natural progression to move up.


Kendra: Were your parents more hesitant or pleased when you both decided to make music your career?

Truitt: Our parents have been nothing but supportive about our music career. The music business is a crazy one, and having their support has been a constant grounding for us.

Kendra: The age gap between you two is just about the same as me and my younger brother, and I know we could NEVER get along enough to partner up like you two have. How do you not have that typical sibling mentality where drama is always around the corner?

Truitt: We have always gotten along really well. If we fight, it’s generally about where to eat. Sometimes we have little arguments about lyrics or music related things, but for the most part we keep it drama free. We also give each other plenty of space. Since we work together and spend so much time together making music, it’s important to have that time away so we won’t drive each other crazy.


Kendra: When it comes to influences, do you each have your own specific favorites that inspire what you bring to Truitt?

Truitt: We definitely share similar music tastes. We like finding artists before the other and showing them to each other. Our influences are so diverse from Frank Ocean to Broods and Jarryd James, to Drake and Rihanna. We are always trying to find new artists on Spotify playlists that we then obsess over for weeks.

Kendra: People are loving your single, “Fallback,” but being that you two are still pretty young – did the lyrics come from personal experience?

Brigetta: This song was actually word for word an experience I had with somebody. It was the kind of situation where he turned out to be everything he said he wouldn’t, and did everything he said he wasn’t into or that wasn’t apart of his “lifestyle.” Then when he wanted to feel better about himself and his choices, he’d come back to me for a self-esteem boost. Since I spent a good portion of my life with him, I always let him come back. Then one day I realized what he was doing to me wasn’t okay, and emotionally I was never going to be okay if I kept letting him be present in my life.

Kendra: What’s your best advice for people to not get stuck being someone’s fallback plan in life?

Truitt: Be honest with yourself. The whole time I was the backup plan, I wasn’t believing it. I thought it was more me being the only person he truly wanted to be with, but if that was the case then he would not have felt the need to explore. Evaluate how the relationship really is, no matter how much it hurts. Finally, move on with life. In the end, you’ll be much happier the sooner you realize your life isn’t centered around another human being, but you.


Kendra: Being featured on Just Jared and in Twist, you are started to gain momentum with a very young crowd. Are you ready for the pandemonium that comes with teens and tweens when they love an artist?

Truitt: We LOVE our younger audience. Whenever we see a new fan page come up or someone tweet at us, it makes our day. We appreciate anyone that listens, buys, or streams our music. Teens and tweens are some of the most dedicated fans out there, and we could not be more grateful for them! There is not a more gratifying feeling than when someone tweets at us saying they relate to our song.

Kendra: Musically, what’s up next for Truitt in the coming months?

Truitt: Hopefully a few features over the next couple of months. We always are excited to release more music, and we are always writing new songs. We’d love to do some touring and some shows in the upcoming year!

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