The Ruiins Filter In New Music in the New Year


Over the past couple of weeks The Ruiins have been playing here and there in their native Australia. Not being one tied down by the holidays here in the states, they’ll continue their touring this week on Thursday in Manly at the Moonshine Bar, Waywards in Newtown the next night and Wollongong come Saturday at RAD Bar. They even have some shows planned for December, including the Grow Your Own Festival at the end of the month. Now that you know where you can see them if you’re down in Australia, catch up with what they had to say when asked about being more than a duo, Instagram and more…

Kendra: You two have known each other since high school and even played together back in the day, but what changed two years ago when you two decided to start this duo?

The Ruiins: 
Well Pat bought his first electric guitar just over two years ago and at that stage we realized Adam could sing because he never used to sing back in the day so this sparked some interest between the two of us to play some music again. It started out with Adam on guitar and Pat on drums but we eventually swapped back to our original instruments.


Kendra: Have you ever thought of bringing another person into the mix, or do you feel that would mess with the balance you’ve created?

The Ruiins: It’s always been in the back of our minds but we’re happy to continue with just the two of us for now. We always try and think of ways to increase our live sound and make it bigger and when you listen to bands that have numerous members we get a bit envious but people tell us we have a big sound for a two-piece so that’s really nice to hear.

Kendra: You’ve been described as “real” and “no Instagram filter necessary.” BUT which filter on there is always your go to?

The Ruiins: Haha ummmm We’re not sure of the names of them…We’re not the best at Instagram

Kendra: Listening to you guys while writing these questions out, you guys have this real strong sound yet gentle sound. Which of you bring the strength and which brings out that softness?

The Ruiins: Uuughhhhhhh that’s a tricky one haha! A bit of both maybe? I think a strong and soft part to a song is a good way to captivate the listener or when it is a strong song or a soft song people can connect to it in a certain way

Kendra: Your latest single, “Open Your Soul,” is just like that. With that, if we were to open up your soul, what would we find it to be made up of?

The Ruiins: Bloody good times and PMA.

“Open Up Your Soul”

Kendra: An EP is expected “soon,” but can you give us an idea of when – like early 2017, spring, summer?

The Ruiins: Mmmm let’s go with early 2017. It’s been a long process and we want it to be just right so we’re hoping to have it out then

Kendra: In five words, can you tell us what we should expect from this upcoming release?

The Ruiins: Now that’s a spicy meatball.

Kendra: Possible touring, new music – what else is going on in the new year with you guys?

The Ruiins: Hopefully heaps more shows, we’re looking at playing some shows internationally too. There’ll be some new tunes coming out and we just want to keep playing with more rad bands and meet more good people

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