Tahmina Niyazova’s Competitive Spirit

Born into a family where music was alive and well, it was no surprise to anyone when Tahmina Niyazova found her place among the melodies and notes of the world. Hailing from Tajikistan, a country known for snow capped mountain ranges, a form of wrestling called gushtigiri, and of course Tahmina. She’s a singer with a soulful pop sound that has garnered her a lot of wins in her days, and she’s informed us she’s ready for even more.

Kendra: Coming from a musical family, were they not even surprised when you started showcasing interest and singing?

Tahmina Niyazova: Really good question. I would say for sure that they were not surprised. Since my childhood days, I dreamt of becoming a professional singer. All I can remember that I had only one goal and this goal was to become a singer. Interestingly, enough my family both from my father and mother’s side they were all singers.

Moreover, my mother’s voice is amazing and she really wanted to become a professional singer, too. Unfortunately, for some reasons, she couldn’t reach her long-time dream to become a professional singer. The Almighty has destined me to become a singer.

Kendra: Other than your family, what got you into the pop and R&B realm of music?

Tahmina: Other than my family there was no reason, I guess it was just fate. Must admit I have always admired my grandfather’s lifestyle and work, specifically his successes in the field of music. Indeed, I was inspired by my grandfather, though he was not a pop singer.

Kendra: Over the years you’ve won a lot of competitions. With that, have you ever thought of heading to the US for a show like The Voice?

Tahmina: Indeed I was participating in some domestic competitions (CIS countries), but I always wanted to participate in international competition such as The Voice. Besides, I want to have a lot of fans around the world, in order to reach this wish, I must participate in these kinds of shows like The Voice. I could also mention about my small country, to introduce my country would be a proud moment for me personally. Then my long-nurtured dream would come true. A long time ago when I watched the show The Voice I was eager to work harder and harder to participate in that show.

Tahmina’s Favorite Place: Pamir mountains in Tajikistan. (Source: Flickr / Oleg Brovko)

Kendra: One of your singles in the past few years “Fairytale About Love” made me think, are there any traditional fairy tales from Tajikistan that you think Disney should make into a feature film?

Tahmina: I am sure there are many fairy tales in Persian culture, but there is one specific traditional fairy tale which comes to my mind from the book of Shahnameh “The Book of Kings”. In that book, there is a fairy tale about Rostam who is the most celebrated legendary hero in Shahnameh. Needless to add, Rostam was married to princess Tahmineh.

Kendra: Lastly, what’s going on with you right now and in the coming months?

Tahmina: Currently, I am preparing myself for Ph.D. defense. There are some music tracks on which I am working as well. I am also thinking to update my website, which is important both for me and my fans.

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