Reaching Euphoria with Sofia Sarri

Photo Credit: Thoma Arseni

Delivering a very universal sound ala pop that comes through with avant garde shell, Greece’s own Sofia Sarri dropped her latest album, Euphoria, in January. We talked a bit about that, but dug deep to find out her connection to nature, her plans for Mars and more.

Kendra: Having been a part of a group and now a solo act, what changes have you noticed in your personal creative process?

Sofia Sarri: I am a team person. I always work having in mind the different perspectives of each musician I collaborate with and I am very selective when it comes to choosing collaborators for my art. The first step of my creative process though has always been lonely and introvert. Then I try to channel my thoughts on the music to the people I work with. The difference in being a solo act is that I get to make the final calls and orchestrate the whole process. I arrange the songs with my band and Costas Stergiou (keys, beats) who also co-produced the album, always paying attention to their aesthetics which I truly trust.

Kendra: You say you have this sort of pagan style. Do you think your connection with nature has anything to do with the Greek history being so rich in mythology?

Sofia: I am fascinated by nature’s powers and I have always felt more comfortable among four-legged creatures than with the two-legged ones (except penguins, I love them). I am also drawn by different cultures and traditions around the globe. I happened to be born in Greece which has a quite complicated and rich cultural history but I prefer to consider myself as a citizen of the world trying to absorb as many melodies, colours, optical visions and experiences as possible.

Kendra: You also seem to be fascinated with the universe as a whole with songs like “The Moon” and “Still Universe.” Since there’s a lot of talk about putting people on Mars, would you be down to be one of the first artists to play in space if it happens?

Sofia: Having to evacuate Earth in some years sounds like a very possible scenario since humanity is doing everything possible to demolish it. In case we end up in Mars, I would love to see if David Bowie is somewhere around there possibly headlining the music festivities and join him of course.

Sofia’s Favorite Place in Grece: Cedar Forest, Chania, Crete

Kendra: Those songs are actually on your release, Euphoria. Which dropped in mid-January. With that, I was wondering other than music – what makes you feel euphoric?

Sofia: I tend to lose track with that feeling quite often so I suppose the title of the album was sort of like a plea or wishful thinking. Being in love certainly makes me feel euphoric as most people I suppose, swimming in Gavdos island and the pristine waters of the Cretan beaches , feeling connected with people and not a cast out and above all, when solidarity and unity prevails against all odds.

Kendra: Lastly, what else can fans expect in the coming months from you?

Sofia: The official release presentation of the album took place in Athens on February 3. and hopefully we will try to spread the music around by touring as much as possible. Our first stop will be Berlin on the February 24, and soon more dates will be announced. Apart from that I have my hands quite full with recordings as a guest vocalist in a couple of projects, such as the avant-garde collective of Luup and “the gutter dark baroque ensemble” soon to see the light of the day.

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