“Earth Shadow” — Deuter

We receive an incredible outpouring of material for our Poetry Exposés and have connected with poets that submit for future material. The entries are so intriguing that we made the decision to feature the highlighted poetry with new art (following the publishing schedules below).

Once the poems are moved from their listed main pages, they can be found and enjoyed in an archive for the page they were on. We look forward to developing a creative flowing relationship with many of those who submit through our Expos . . .


Gold Poetry Winner — BLAKE FUGLER — “Homo Factus Est” now on ZO Main Cover

Other Winners now posted on the Main Poetry Page
JEANNE MARCH DAVIS – Silver Winner – “Small Brilliance”
MORGAN FENICK – Platinum Winner – “St. Joseph cemetery in august”
JAY CASEY – Palladium Winner – “America Street”
JANET GHIO – Pearl Winner – “Burnt Offering”


 Post Precipitation What Cloud Are You On? What Grass?
05/04/17 Allison Paster-Torres — Change/Un … Jacob Harris — Sand and Shrines Catrin Hol — The Jewel
05/07/17 Gastón Tourn — I’m tired of being Georgios Ampatzidis — War Hero
05/21/17 Hannah Guthman — And- Alla Vilnyansky — Scene Yessica Klein — Interzones
05/28/17 Samantha Gobba — Symphony Rafael Villanueva — ‘kiss my faces Tammi Williams — DESOLATE
06/04/17 Tammy Ashton — Daddy Erika Enggren — Faith, Fear Jamie Pearl — Us/We
06/11/17 Kira Geiger — in bliss Rae Anne Henwood — Xenomorphosis
06/20/17 Eva Novar — I Am Multitudes



Post Main Poetry Page Precipitation What Cloud Are You On? What Grass?
10/10/16 Michelle Chen—Coterie Lillian Wood—Where I’m From LyLena Estabine—No Turning Eleanor Campbell—Supernova
10/24/16 Emily Amin—train-wreck Roni Farkash—Small Lian Chen—Far Away Arleina Lundy—Unbounded



Post Main Poetry Page Precipitation What Cloud Are You On? What Grass?
Jane Varley—Face On Mars Shikha Malaviya—Good Indian Tonya Ingram—October 6 Rafael S.W—Fault Lines
10/17/15 Rachel Miskei—House Fell Meg Eden—Hokotashi Tarak Mahadi—Odyssey of Life KD Matheson—lizard
10/31/15 David Gustavsen—Perfection Brenda Romo—Single Point Tarak Mahadi—Odyssey Kine Fall—Channeled
11/07/15 Matthew Harris—Mellifluous Faith Cotter—Bone Daughter Ariana Harley—Fire Wood Rachel Miskei—One Fig Tree
11/21/15 Levi Noe—Five Points Lenore Weiss—Shoot Me Vince Ruston—Transfusion Mauricio Almonte—if we belong
11/28/15 Tammi Williams—Lady In Red Krystal Brown—Liberty/Chains Vince Ruston—Transfusion Denise Martin—Ship
12/05/15 Eva Mozette Novar—All Is One Douglas Thorne—Phone Call Gabriel Maybank—BEDROCK Bobbi Rudin—Yantra
12/19/15 Winston Mayo—Wise In Body Douglas Thorne—Phone Call Will Schmitz—Equinoctial Cynthia Ghazary—I Know You
01/02/16 Alexander Smith—Same Georgios Ampatzidis—Just In Oliver Newman—Ambient H. Issa—I Remain
01/16/16 J.C. Elkin—Souvenir Natalie Worrell—Baby R Stephanie Gartner—Ignis Levi Harris—Once I Met A Hero
01/30/16 M. Terry Bowman—Collector Maxwell MacDonald—Limbo Dawn Cuccienello—Market Miles Cobbett—First River
02/13/16 Timothy Davis—Observations Athens Ramseyer—Never Say P.L. Summers—Old Frost Hannah Dow—#43: Marionette
02/27/16 Colton Adrian—Pocket Water Yolanda Lewis—Heart Katherine Norland—Love Kelly Jolene—Your Dying
03/12/16 Collin Sullivan—Stone Seed John Barnes—Makes Cents Megan Tucker—The Way Susan Anderson—Braiding
03/26/16 Vanessa Piccirilli—The Second Steven Lee—Leah’s Mom Mark Flint—For Dimples Kelsey Robb—Baby Doomers
04/09/16 Bobbi Rudin—Happenings Emily Johnson—The Elephant Janet Ghio—Camouflage Andrew Erwin—Child’s Eye

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Post Date Main Poetry ARCHIVE Precipitation ARCHIVE What Cloud? ARCHIVE What Grass? ARCHIVE
11/01/14 Rafael S.W – Red Dress Annalise Mabe-City of Roses Erika Enggren-Thoughts Speak Mary Rowin-Doubled Over
11/08/14 Don Segal-Taking Away James Jackson-Smile and Sting Paul Murufas-love-struck
11/15/14 Xavier Jones-Difference Ingrid Calderon-saddle card Tammy Byler-Eyes of Blue Katherine Norland-All … I Am
11/22/14 Faith Kearns-The Unfolding Haley Zorger-Confusion Angela English-Do You See Arthur Ford Sr.-Above …
11/29/14 Joanna Migdal-Museum Piece Daniel Montenegro-Beauty Brendan McCormack-Again
12/06/14 John De Herrera-Her Julie Oesper-Permutation Pateel Eulmessekian-Intimacy Mary Louise Ewing-Thoughts
01/03/15 Susan Anderson-Entropy Bryan Verdi-Lady in Black James Penha-In the Mirrors Alexander Ashland-Unfold
01/10/15 Nabin Chhetri-The Moon Rebecca Tang-[claustrophobia] Sharon Rook Daly-Unfolding
01/17/15 Anna Stafford-Skull Kathleen Dale-Nightly Dances Rochelle Potkar-Shape-shifting Peter Burzynski-Agnoiology
01/24/15 Shloka Shankar-Masquerade Natalie Williams-Can You See Araceli Esparza-Bone Winter
01/31/15 Bradley Rundblade-Sometimes Allie Marini Batts- a Girl Tells Adrian Cepeda-Could she be
02/07/15 Angela Voras-Hills-Perpetuity Paula Junn-At My Tormentor’s Bobbi Rudin-Trinity
02/14/15 Lizzy Montgomery-For Peace Meg Eden-Two-Faced Girl John Reinhart-while camping
02/21/15 Paula Schultz-Mona Lisa Peru Catherine Moore-Unfolding Gerri Leen-Girl, Woman … Aimee Seu-At The Circus
02/28/15 Aimee Seu-17
03/07/15 Gary Powell-Enwrapped Larry Blazek-Contradictions Alex Blank Millard-Ojos
03/14/15 Sarah Bushman-Summer 13 Emily Withnall-Returning Janet Porter Ghio-Ode santos vargas-Beatings
03/21/15 Evelyn Conley-Her Cipher Heidi Kraay-Cardboard Sue Hyon Bae-Skinny Mirrors
03/28/15 June Sylvester Saraceno-Lady Jim Dulin-Same Brush Strokes Edward Reilly-Incident Robert Wilson-Three

ZO is an experimental art convergence project. Our mission, structure and methodology are all “new.” We are designing some facets of our magazine as it organically develops and plan to publish a hard copy every three years in coordination with a 12 Hour international art event that we are now structuring and orchestrating. In addition to the winner of our yearly Poetry Exposé, we may publish some of our other favorite poetry pieces found here in that hard copy. We will be in touch with you if so.

Please explore our pages as we post most of our strategy and plans throughout the magazine. We also archive a lot of the featured work that we change on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis. Enjoy! Thanks again to all of the intriguing poets above. We are honored to connect with you as ZO continues to add an international exposé of deep thinkers and their creative works . . . Article Separator -South

Michael Cheval

Michael Cheval

We all get dealt different cards in life, but we want to imagine outside of the box of this world’s seemingly stacked deck.  ZO in many ways is filled with metaphorical and abstract thoughts about everything we present. There is also an incredible synchronicity surrounding the orchestrations we experiment with.  We absolutely believe creativity can change the world!

It was interesting to mesh the poems we received from our 2014 Expo (based on Luis José Estremadoyro painting) with “New Art.” We will again re-envision the poems received this year (based on John Vega’s incredible digital work) with “New Visuals” and continue this pattern. This is in a way, kind of like marrying off your children …

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