Rye Brothers Rocking Through the Country


When it comes to country music, one rarely thinks about Southern California. Yes, it’s the home of the annual Stagecoach Festival but other than that – it’s not the place musicians in that genre usually head to make it. It’s not Nashville, but the men of Rye Brothers are making their way through Golden State and making their presence known with their own special blend of rock and roll and country. They’d been playing in other bands for some time before they got together and when they did their own — Justin Foutz said it was “magical.” Today they play more shows a year than they had in the prior decade and with that schedule, the idea of having normal 9-5’s flew out the window. Their drummer Jeff shares his skills by giving lessons on top of hosting a web show called Drum Smack, while Jacob stays busy between Rye Brothers and a punk band and Justin does what he can doing sessions and writing. So basically, they keep music is in their lives 24/7.


After coming together they had absolutely no reservations about putting country into their rock and roll spirit. Justin noted, “we just played the way it came out and the music we wrote sounded like it does and that, my friend is ‘Power Pop Country’ If you’re wondering what that is, it’s English for Badasses!” — adding, “We have balance. We sing about life . . . Doesn’t everybody? If you have something to say, singing it is the best relief . . . it’s life!” Writing about life and singing to their own unique tunes landed them a slot working with Marc DeSito. Having worked with the likes of U2 and Dwight Yoakam he was chock full of good advice and Justin was nice enough to share, “If you love music and have to do it because it just drives your soul, then do it and give it all you got. If you just want the chicks, hold a guitar, look the part, and hope for the best. If you never get famous you’re bound to at least get the chicks.”


With a great sound intact, Rye Brothers have managed to take the concert circuit by storm. With shows going on all the time, it’s really hard to miss what Justin describes as “out of control! Badass and face melting!” shows. While there are no immediate plans to head east just yet, they’ll be all over Southern California, Arizona and Nevada come 2016. Make sure to beware of one guy they’ve encountered who likes to high five, why? Well, his dentures may slip out of his mouth and onto the stage; a pleasant and hilarious memory Justin keeps locked up in his mind.

Along with a lot of shows in 2016, fans of that sweet country rock blend can be happy to learn that Rye Brothers will also be working on getting some new music made.

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