Awakening on The Emerald Isle with Rosie Carney

Photo Credit: Holly and Lime Photography

Struggling with a number of illnesses during part of her 19 years on earth, singer-songwriter Rosie Carney has been through the ringer. Coming out the other end with a perspective on life that’s left her with emotionally charged lyrics, she exposes her battles through song and has blown audiences away so far. It’s no wonder this Ireland born wonder is on the radar of many. We didn’t talk about her rising career but did have a chance to dive a bit into tradition, depression and more.

Kendra: The Irish have a rich history with folk and traditional music. Did any of that make its way to you growing up, or did you stick with more mainstream artists?

Rosie Carney: I remember when I started secondary school over here. I was studying music, and one of the songs we had to study was an Irish lament called An Mhaighdean Mhara. It’s a song about a woman who turns into a mermaid and says goodbye to her family before returning to sea. It always really stuck with me. I think it helped influenced some of my melodies. Also seeing a lot of live traditional music, and witnessing such life within it has help to inspire me. Other than that, artists like Joni Mitchell, Justin Vernon and James Taylor etc.

Kendra: On a more personal note, you’re not shy about talking about your history with depression and anorexia. What’s the one song or lyric that really helped you during the darker times?

Rosie: I’m not shy about talking about personal experiences, no. But I won’t wear them as a jumper either. They’re just elements of my being. Song that’s really helped me through hard times? Well there’s a lot, but the ones that stick out have to be Wash. by Bon Iver. There’s a line in it that really stood out to me. “Eyes too sore for sight”. Also Stacks, Woods, and Fire and Rain by James Taylor. I also gain a lot of comfort and meaning from Instrumentals. Especially Piano music. Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy and Entendre by Eluvium to name a few.

Kendra: Perhaps one day your “Awake Me” will help someone in a grand way, but I wanted to ask you if there was something going on in the world that we as a society need to stay “woke” about?

Rosie: We need to find and hold onto the things in life that really awaken us, which for me is art, honesty and love. We are all very similar in our true wants and needs. The sooner we realize how similar we are, the sooner we can solve things within ourselves, if that makes sense.

Rosie Carney’s Favorite Place in Ireland, Tra Na Rossan Beach

Kendra: Still very young, where do you think your sound will be in 10 years time?

Rosie: It depends on my experiences, so I don’t know, but I’m excited/nervous/ready to find out.

Kendra: What else is on the books for you in the coming months? Touring, recording?

Rosie: I’ll release my EP, do some live shows and then onto the next one.

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