Reverbnation Spotlight: Lucien Dante

The pop infused ways of Lucien Dante were striking and that’s what drew us to him while surfing through the countless talents found within Reverbnation. Having performed all over the country from Chicago to LA’s own Novo when it was still recognized at Club Nokia, there’s no stopping this man’s skills. While no dates are set yet, fans can check him out on the road in the coming year when June rolls around. For now, get to know him a bit better by continuing on…

About Lucien Dante:

Lucien Dante is a unique human being who emanates love and intuitive wisdom through his creativity. He is an artist at his core and utilizes a wide breadth of expressive mediums to communicate his soulful humanity. Whether it be through music, fashion, sculpture, painting, poetry, or directing, Lucien’s vibrant individuality and magnetic generosity are vivid, confident and from the heart. His creations serve as inspirational, empowering and illuminating emblems for his supporters, whom he calls his Lights. Lucien was born into a family of six children just outside of Chicago, Illinois in the Summer of 1994. He attended the Chicago Waldorf School until he was in 10th grade and then transferred to Bard College At Simon’s Rock where he completed his Freshman and Sophomore year of college. For Junior and Senior year, Lucien attended Bard College and graduated in May of 2016 with a major in fine art and a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. In the past two years, Lucien has released an 18 track album, three singles and an EP. He has had two art exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles respectively, and is about to release his new single Brain Heart. He is currently working on a new EP as well as the music video for Brain Heart, which will act as a musical exhibition of a series of extravagant fashion garments he is designing and creating himself. Lucien Dante is a one of a kind, self-made artist with a passionate, creative vision and unique capability. He is a man the world will be seeing more and more of as his career continues to blossom and touch those who discover him. Engage in his journey, love him and support him and he will help you thrive.


“Tell Me Why”

“Black Water”

“Do It For The Heart”

Where to Find Lucien Dante:

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