Reverbnation Spotlight: Lena Fayre

We fell in love with her retro style and her indie ways that borrow elements that make her pop in the madness that is often known as LA.

About Lena:

Occasionally an artist is discovered when no one else is watching, and the fans get the opportunity to hold an intimate secret. At only 19-years old, Los Angeles native Lena Fayre has amassed millions of YouTube views and Spotify streams, won multiple songwriting awards, self-released two EPs and full length album, and was named an ‘Artist You Need to Know’ by Rolling Stone in 2014. No small feat for an artist doing things entirely on her own. This year she participated in CMJ as an official artist and will be on the official SXSW roster as well.



“New Sensation”


Upcoming Shows:

February residency, every Monday, at the Bootleg Theater in Echo Park Los Angeles
SXSW in March

Where to Find Lena:

Lena Fayre

Glowing Circle 2x

Global Welcome
Music Exposé
Music ZOne

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