Reverbnation Spotlight: Lauren Flax

Born in Detroit, Lauren Flax later made her way east to do what she was born to do; make and create. A DJ who not only writes her own music, but also plays the producer role – she’s worked with a wide array of artists, including Grammy nominated acts. Now we’re honored to give you a taste of her this month as we shine a bright light. 2016 will be a big year for Lauren as she has her first solo EP and a European tour to support.

About Lauren Flax:

Lauren Flax is a DJ, songwriter & record producer. Her discography is extensive, flush with originals, collaborations and remixes, including projects with a long list of world class talent such as Grammy-nominated artist Sia, Kim Ann Foxman, Romy XX and Tricky. It’s no surprise this versatile artist is in such high demand, whether she’s creating trip hop and down tempo with production partner Lauren Dillard as CREEP, or giving life to hedonistic dance tracks in her solo works, Lauren always captures the essence of the genre, deftly shaping musical ideas into her signature sound. As a DJ, she exudes calm confidence and impeccable style. Performing internationally for years, Lauren is technically superlative and delivers a host of Chicago, Detroit and New York influenced house music. In the midst of what is being hailed as a major revival of New York’s club scene, Lauren has firmly established herself as a fixture of this new era of dance music, she will no doubt continue to journey from cult following to club world mainstay.


Upcoming Shows:

8/12 Fuchsbau Festival 2016

Where to Find Lauren Flax:

Lauren Flax

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