LIVING AUTHENTIC in the Modern World

By Rachael Cadden

“Off the grid” is a phrase we see and hear often.Rachel-Cadden-2

It’s much more for me –

I’m “thinking” off the grid which shifts perceptions and allows for heightened experiences, true creativity, a lot more freedom and the openness to be true to ourselves and express our purpose to the world.

Rachel Cadden 8Personally, being off the grid has freed me from a lot of limitations.

Letting go of all of the external noise, letting go of “things” that no longer serve my life and are essentially just filling up space.

If things are not serving an immediate purpose and just taking up space in your life, in your home, in your thoughts and perceptions – letting go frees us to live authentically as our true selves.

It allows creativity to flow – peace and a stronger sense of self become more evident and ways open to accomplish dreams or even explore outside of our comfort zones.

Authenticity doesn’t involve adding to what already exists or being more successful; it means letting go, releasing.

When we live authentically, we find more room to be expressive and live as we were meant to.

It is a process.

For me it was a few years of downsizing and letting go of many “things” and perceptions that no longer served me. Rachel Cadden 3

Now, I live on a sailboat in Mexico half of the year, surfing, learning to sail, exploring and writing.

Alaska – snow is melting in the interior, ready to road trip & ferry over to the coastal islands next week for the summer #AlaskaLove

The other half of the year (summers), I work in tourism in Alaska.

This is a life I now love and have had the freedom to create over time.

I am living true to myself, exploring daily and by doing so, I’ve found that others are also inspired by my life and freedom to create my dreams.

My life is much more simple than it used to be and I prefer it this way. I realize not everyone will go this route; however, by thinking off the grid and removing all the excess static, there is more freedom to create the life and purpose that rings true to our heart and spirit.

Rachel Cadden 7

Last night the Northern Lights danced off the wing of my plane. I’ve seen them with my feet on the earth, but not at 30,000ft. Magic!
#auroraborealis #epicalaskawelcome
(Photo credit Mike Baron)

Simplicity is basic to the heart. Letting go allows what is inside you to blossom.

Rachel Cadden 5

15 degrees outside, changing out my car battery…. I’m not in Mexico anymore!! Thanks for your help, Ashley

It is a privledge to share my experiences and I think they fit into ZO’s different kind of universe. I look forward to sharing my journey as we all continue down this path of creativity and freedom “off the grid”



The willingness to – let go – has taken me around the world!

Rachel Cadden - Q

Gigging and Interviewing “Q”, the great Quincy Jones (by chance, although nothing probably happens by chance.)

Rachel - Thailand

Sea kayaking in Krabi, Thailand

Rachel -- Everest

On Kalipatthar summit, 18,000+ feet with Everest in the backgound and basecamp below



Life is all about taking chances and why not …


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