The Many Sides of Monet

This week’s a little tricky as we have a man originally from China who made his way to Australia. So you get kind of two sides of the coin, and with that we’re kind of marking the map twice with Monet. A pop artist with an electronic twist who also spends time directing as well as modeling, Monet is quite the character and it was a gem to get to know. Now it’s time for you to let him enter your realm via the words below.

Kendra: When you first fell in love with music, you were about five-years-old and involved with the local theater. Was that a choice made by your parents to first get you into that, or did you ask for it?

Monet: It was actually a little choice made by me, I remember when the local community reached my kindergarten and offered me that and I was like sure why not, and my parents told them as long as it wouldn’t affect my childhood/ normal life as a kid they were fine with it.

Kendra: Coming from China, you’ve noted that has had a grand influence on your sound. Was that something you picked up growing up there, or something you looked back on once you moved to Australia?

Monet: I guess I’m influenced by different elements, as in people/environment/culture all the time in my life and China surely played and still plays a big part in it, and I’m always having/looking for new inspirations here too.

Kendra: Do you feel you would be where you are today if you’ve stayed in Wujin?

Monet: Yes, and in fact I guess I might be more known than today if I stayed because there are more chances and offers in China, but I think either way there’s no difference because to me it’s never about the place, but the music itself.

Monet’s Favorite Place in China, Shangri-La

Kendra: On top of music you’re also a director and a model. In what order did they each enter your life? Also, is there more you plan on adding to your list of skills?

Monet: I think they entered at the same time.

Yes definitely, I always try to learn more new skills so I can be a less boring guy, and apart from all the creative industries roles, I always plan to open a fine restaurant in Australia when I reach my 30’s.

Kendra: You dropped “Nobody’s Wrong” on Valentine’s Day. Was that intentional?

Monet: Yes it is, a love song for the special day, tho the song’s a bit too sad for the Valentine’s Day, haha!

Kendra: Lastly, what do you have going on in 2017? More singles, touring?

Monet: Yes I’m releasing a bunch of new music this year and after that I might think about touring.

Monet’s Favorite Place in Australia, Hell’s Gate

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