When Art Meets the Lab, You Get Majik

Marcus left London with nothing more than a gut instinct, an acoustic guitar and a few notepads filled with lyrics. He found himself in Leeds in need of a place to stay. As luck would have it, Jamie was in the market for a new housemate. One a true artist, and the other a scientist of sorts when it came to sound – the two bonded and the result was in a word, Majik

Kendra: When you come from different worlds but ultimately speak the same language in terms of sound – does that make the relationship grow fonder, quicker? Or were you just all about the music at first without getting to know one another?

Marcus: It was the bridge between our personal worlds from the start and what made us begin to develop the music and friendship. We used to discuss ideas, make sounds and have a laugh all under one roof. The nights out and sunrise sessions were all part of what made the Leeds’ chapters.

Kendra: Obviously you two do work well together because your music is continuously getting rave reviews – especially for your latest single, “Real.” Who did what when it came time to construct this gem?

Marcus: We worked as a unit when we constructed the early skeletons of the track “Real.” It was the chords you hear in the record with a simple beat, a chilled room, some paper and the right feelings. For me it’s always making sure the right sentiments come from the feeling and then get converted with Jamie’s ear for the sounds to emulate the expression. After we have sat with the early recordings Jamie takes it into the depths of sound whilst we exchange thoughts on its development. In the end the track is born.

Kendra:  For many, “Real” is the first song of yours they’re hearing. What are you hoping their first impressions are?

Marcus: For us, this is just an insight into what was. We like to bring people into our hearts both lyrically and with sound. Every word and musical note matters to us and that’s what we want our listeners to feel. It’s a “welcome” to a world that is beginning to grow and develop, each song is a chapter and part of a journey we are creating behind the scenes. We hope you get as much help for whatever it is you are going through and it reaches your mind on a conscious level, for us it is somewhat therapeutic.

Kendra: Side note, what’s the one thing you’re the most real about in life? Other than music.

Marcus: Making time for the madness that evokes learning and pursuing curiosity of the mind into new ways of thinking; trying to make sense of it all.

Kendra: Back to business…you two did all these recordings in a bedroom studio but they sound top notch. Who do we applaud for that pristine outcome of sound?

Marcus: Jamie is the science behind the sound. Long days and nights in the home studio lead to what you hear. Once they are at a level we are happy with they are mastered at Abbey Road and set for release.

Kendra: If you two hadn’t met, would either of you still be in music right at this second?

Marcus: Yes, in a word. It has been a calling for both since young and something that never leaves our everyday thoughts. In what form we would have become without our collision is hard to say.

Kendra: Now let’s talk about touring. You were on the bill for some sold out shows in November. How was it to play to a multitude of packed houses?

Marcus: Our run of European dates was incredible. The sold out shows really opened up our eyes to the kind of environments we are working towards. To connect with 800 people through music and explore different countries was the start of something special.

Kendra: What’s going on with Majik after that run though? More touring in the new year, or more music? Let us know!

Marcus: Next year we plan to release a lot more music and grow the live side of our project. There are some tour ideas flying about…stay with us.

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