Lucy Whittaker’s Tough Love


Locale isn’t really a concern when it comes time for Lucy Whittaker and writing music. Whether she’s at her piano, with her bassist Luke or buying her absolute favorite lipstick while in Morocco, her ability to craft the perfect song isn’t about where she physically rests her head. Fueling her creativity from all directions, she let her talents flow through her late last year when she dropped a cover of a Fetty Wap favorite. Attracted to what he’s doing and his “unique sound,” this pop artist out of Leeds said, “I wanted to try and do my own thing with it, and my team and I had so much fun in the process.”

While Fetty is currently spinning on Lucy’s Spotify, she remembers music always being a huge part of her life. Artists like the King of Pop as well as everyone from Queen to Lady Gaga to The Rolling Stones have helped her become who she is today. She noted when it comes to music, “For me it’s really important to remember and value the music I listened to growing up, as it ultimately plays such a big part in the music I create today,” adding, “Music is so exciting to me. It’s always been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up and discovering that a song could take you to a whole new emotional place fascinated me, and as a teenager I realized that I wanted to make music my career.”

With an eclectic mix in her list of favorites, it seems like she’d always lean more towards pop music though. Being it’s where her “heart lies,” she does respect her parents pushing her towards other sounds, so today you hear their influence when she busts out some soulful ways. Speaking of, one review of this 19-year-old said she had a “depth of emotion.” While young, she reveals where that so-called depth comes from, “I believe it’s really important to write ‘in the moment’, when the emotions you’re feeling are very raw and intense – the emotion will come through in your writing, and people will be listening to something real and authentic.”

Depth, soul and a whole lot of pop. Leeds’ Lucy Whittaker is on the rise as she’s preparing for the release of her second single, “True Love,” as well as making a video in New York come May. On top of all that she’ll be playing around the UK this summer with her band. So stay tuned for much more to come!

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