Kupid aka Q’s Antiguan Play By Play

Some people never get to experience actually calling two places home. It’s been 30 years and I’ve never lived outside of Southern California. That’s when I start to envy people like Kupid aka Q. Born in the states, but raised a good deal in his family’s native Antigua, he was able to get a well-rounded childhood out of multiple home settings. No matter where he is today he’s making his Caribbean infused hip hop. We talked about all of the above including the last time he stepped foot in Antigua, growing up with global inspirations and more.

Kendra: Born in New York but raised in Antigua until you were about nine-years-old, you spent a good deal of your childhood in the Caribbean. What were you feeling when you heard you were heading back to the states?

Kupid aka Q: When my mother and father decided to bring me back to the states, I really didn’t know what was going on. I say that because my sister and brother all lived in the states, I was the only one who was still on the island with my uncle and grandma. So, it was just a happy feeling to be back with my family.

Kendra: Growing up you were influenced by the sounds around you, the island, but also the likes of Nas and Biggie. Were you the only kid in your class with such an array of musical interests?

Kupid aka Q: Now in high school as we all know there are groups. I was the kid that was cool with every group in high school. So, I was very diverse in the music but it was only on the listening base. I never really danced or tried to rap when I was younger. I was able to remember words for songs very easily, but I never really said to myself, “let me learn more about the music world.”

Kendra: Do you feel your love of Nas and Biggie was ingrained in you since you were born in New York, or was it just a happy coincidence?

Kupid aka Q: Yes we can say that…My sisters both lived in New York. Being that they were my older siblings, I would look to them for the new hip and cool music. My sister, Nicole, was the first person to buy me a tape. That tape was Nas – It was Written.

Kendra: Have you had the chance in your adult life to go back to Antigua?

Kupid aka Q: Yes, I still have family there. I was just over there this past April for my grandmother’s birthday. It’s my second home, even though I don’t live there and my passport is a blue United States one, I still can call Antigua home.

Kendra: Are there any Antiguan traditions your family still incorporates into your lives?

Kupid aka Q: Yes, that side of my family is very big and when we all get together for a family event we go big. We all still try to keep what was passed down from our parents in our heads. You know you can’t find anything better than family traditions.

Kupid aka Q’s Favorite Place in Antigua: Bolans

Kendra: Heading back to the music, what’s on your plate for 2017?

Kupid aka Q: My team and I have a lot of things we are planning, but nothing with and specific date yet. I’ll give you an idea of what we are thinking of though…

First, we are going to drop my EP either July or August.

Second, my other single “Who Shot Ya Remix” featuring Jus and produced by Troyton Rami, is coming out with the music video. Looking like August – September time.

Third, We have a music video for another single off my EP, called Rant, that is coming out this year.

Fourth, we are also thinking about dropping another single off my EP, called “Chasing a Dream,” which was produced by DJ Niko Star. That will be around October.

Finally, we are working on a US tour for my EP that should be starting in September and ending in January 2018.

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