King Colour Makes Love with Clouds


Honey is sweet, psyche is a little out there and groove is all about movement. That’s what Australia’s King Colour is all about. If you ask them to describe their sound — they can do that in four words — we’ll get to that later. Just ponder what four words they use to convey their sound, and for now we’ll find out more about four men who came together quite naturally in the outback. They found one another in classrooms growing up and like most young guys looking to get something going after school, they started playing music to pass the time. Nothing came of it though until a year or two after they graduated. They got back together and decided to start something serious.

Who are these men, with wild names like Dives, MC Bangerz, AJ the Aged One and L.S Wigmore?  While these aren’t common monikers in Australia, they did note that it’s the norm to have nicknames there. So yes, these four grew into their alter egos as the band developed and now that’s just what they respond to best when you want their attention. Maybe it has something to do with their colorful personalities? When asked which color in the traditional crayon box they’d each be, L.S said he’d be purple (that’s his favorite pair of underwear), Dives’ love of the ocean would make him blue, Aged One’s natural ways allots him yellow and because of his love of fruit, Bangaz would be orange.

Now that we’ve explored their sound a bit, I want you to ponder a little longer what four words they use to describe their sound. You’ll spend less time thinking about that than the band does about their cover art; which is remarkably vibrant and eye catching. They noted that they spend a good deal of time coming up with it — “We put quite a bit of thought into that stuff (sometimes too much!) and we work really closely with one our closest homies Jermango with the majority of our photos and cover art. Sometimes we’ll work something out together and in the case of “Show It To Me!”, we just saw that collage to be perfect for the song so he let us use it.”

The time has come to tell you what four words King Colour uses to describe “honey psyche groove” — well it’s more of a phrase; “Making Love With Clouds.” Interpret that as you may and know that these guys will be playing throughout October and November this year before they go into writing mode and push out an EP next spring.

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