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Jonathan Paulson is prolific and ZO has been able to travel the world extensively through his lens.

Jonathan developed a love for the craft while playing football at Solano College and studying photography under Debra Bloomfield. After “discovering” photography, Jonathan continued to study until taking a break in the winter to backpack through Europe and shoot his first series, marking the birth of his career as a fine art photographer.

“What draws me towards photography is its ability to allow another person a chance to see what I see. If you have ever had someone say to you, ‘I don’t understand what you like about this so much; it’s just a building, or it’s just a courtyard’ and you thought ‘if he could only see it the way I see it, then he would understand,’ then you know how I feel. And, since photography gives me that medium to show others what I see, I fell in love with it.”

A love for adventure came at age twelve when his father took him on a hunting Safari to Africa; his first major performance was at age sixteen singing a cappella in Carnegie Hall in New York; and his first published work was at age seventeen in the Oregonian. By the time he was twenty-four he had two diplomas, two degrees (one in Liberal Arts Summa Cum Laude and one in Humanities emphasizing the Ancient Languages of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew Summa Cum Laude), a number of certifications, and had been to every continent except Antarctica. He was a two-time ESPN (the Magazine) academic All-American All-District football wide receiver and was inducted into the College Football Honor Society Hall of Fame. His photographs can be seen hanging in galleries, universities, offices, and homes — while his corporate videos play during commercial breaks and presentations around the world in a myriad of media.

  • © Jonathan Scott Paulson - "Cloudscape, Shanghai, China"

Jonathan has worked a wide variety of jobs besides fine art photographer, including outdoor survival instructor, journalist, international teacher, commodities trader, business developer, and professional mixed martial arts fighter.

You get to know a lot about the artist by actually reading the comments on the photos they post. I like how Jonathan included the following insight into a “date” he and his wife had where he just had to get that perfect shot. This was with the photo at the Chihuly Garden. “I was just up in Seattle and my Godparents had two complimentary tickets to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. I left my tripod at home and tried to make it as much of a date with my wife as possible instead of a shooting outing (other photographers and photographer’s wives know what that’s all about), but I couldn’t resist taking a little bit of time to get a couple pictures. Hopefully my wife thinks it is worth it after seeing these.”

What also amazed us about Jonathan Photos was the degree to which he goes to get “the shot!” This commentary came from the shot on the Wooden Bridge. “The best part of sleeping cold—the sunrise. Anyone who has had to brave a cold night knows the feeling. Finally, I can get up and try to get warm. This is doubly nice if you’re a photographer as sunrise is a magic lighting hour. Or maybe I’m just trying too hard to look at the glass half full. You have been warned—the hotels in Fenghuang are true Chinese style—mind boggling. It was approaching freezing outside and they gave me one thin blanket, no heater, and a patio door that didn’t shut all the way. I’m not quite sure how they thought I would survive the night in those conditions.”

We’ve been inspired by Jonathan’s unique perspectives and look forward to seeing what develops through his expanding vision.

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High Above Shanghai on the Edge of Life Jonathan Scott Paulson

High Above Shanghai on the Edge of Life
© Jonathan Scott Paulson

“Standing on the edge overlooking a city is quite enjoyable. I highly recommend trying it . . . as long as it is done in a way where you don’t die.”

Thanks for the tip Jonathan — we’ll make sure to do just that — from right here in front of this screen. Lol

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