Getting Lost in the Wilderness with Hundreds

Photo Credit: Andreas Hornoff Fotografie

When it comes to style, Hundreds are like an audible art piece. Their avant garde sound plays out like a museum piece on display. We talked about what, if any, art actually does inspire the electro-pop duo made up of siblings Philipp and Eva Milner. She was open about their musical bond, their latest album Wilderness and more…

Kendra: Did you two listen to any traditional German music growing up that made its way into what Hundreds to now?

Eva Milner: No, not really. Traditional German music is called “Volksmusik” and nobody likes that. Only people over 65, but of course we sang some old folk songs at home, like Christmas songs, lullabies or so.

Kendra: What about any painters or sculptors? With that very avant-garde style, it made me curious as to if you were ever inspired by museum pieces or other works of art?

Eva: I love going to exhibitions and always take some inspiration with me afterwards. The last exhibition I visited was Taryn Simon in Dresden. She is a very impressive and precisely working artist. I highly recommend her artwork.

Kendra: Many siblings get along to a certain degree. With that, would your family be surprised you two work so well together musically?

Eva: No, not really. I think the secret is that Philipp moved out when I was in a young age, eleven years old. So when puberty hit me, he wasn’t around. But he was my music studying, cool brother, living in a bigger city, whom I could visit.

Kendra: Speaking of musically, what growth did you notice between your debut and this year’s Wilderness?

Eva: We definitely have more skills recording and producing our own music. We’ve done it by ourselves since our debut. And I think it will stay that way. Also, we always think about playing live when we produce a song. We didn’t think about that when we wrote the first album because we didn’t had an audience then.

Kendra: Now, what do you have planned for the tour that’s coming up in March? Do you two do a lot of practice beforehand?

Eva: We start practicing a week before the tour starts. Also, we are going to bring our own light show and some visual art with us as well. We are looking forward to a great tour.

Kendra: Lastly, other than the tour – any other things planned for 2017 yet?

Eva: The next album, new songs, vacations, books.

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