W82HVZ-Abstract White Flowere have been developing ZO’s creative platform for many years.  Affiliation with our creative community is free and open to anyone with a creative gift or talent (on all levels)Affiliation is structured on various levels to accommodate those who work professionally (as well as those who are at a developing stage).

Please use the form below to send us some information, so that we may connect with what you are doing creatively and to receive “occasional” information regarding special events and creative awards we are orchestrating. (There is an opt out feature with all of our email; so please know that we only want to affiliate with those who are interested in connecting with an internationally diverse community of artists who are interested in supporting one another.)

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0-H_Link2-2-FP_StarThere are a lot of exciting projects in the works at ZO — including unique collaborative formats that we are developing for Art, Music and Film. We will offer free affiliation through 2017. In 2018, we plan to begin a membership program. Members will be eligible for private art events that we are planning on an international basis, along with offerings we are now working on with creative vendors and producers. There will be a charge for membership starting in 2018.

We plan several International Creative Exposés and have started with a POETRY EXPOSÉ. Our first Poetry Exposé in 2014 was tremendously exciting and we received poetic submissions from a widely diverse and sophisticated international writing pool. The 2016 Poetry Exposé will begin on September 15 and is greatly expanded. (Please click the link for more information.) All AWARDS for distinction in our exposés will be made in GOLD or by cash payment (as preferred). Canadian-300-Native-American-Summer-Moon-Mask-gold-coin

There are three levels of affiliation with our Creative Community: FEATURED — for everyone whose work we present and for those working professionally in the entertainment fields – whom we hope to one day feature or interview. | CREATIVE AFFILIATE  — for creative projects that we may support but who are doing other creative work; such as other magazines. We do not consider ourselves to be in competition with anyone. We admire and love other artists, and content creators of all persuasions, including other magazines. | UNIVERSAL AFFILIATE — for other professions and business associates and everyone else who loves the arts as we do.


We believe that Creative Minds can change the consciousness level of Earth and want to expose, support and help our members develop a way to “follow their passion.” To love what you do and find ways to use, sustain and improve your creative gifts is the beginning of satisfaction. It not only helps you — it will help others.

“A different kind of climax.”
It’s not just about what you do … it’s about WHO YOU ARE — Inside and Creatively!

In this time where INFORMATION of every kind is almost instantly available, CHANGE is possible on an exponential level. We know that the world is riddled with problems, but there are creative people everywhere that are working to solve those problems. You must get your information from more than one source to be truly informed for next level consciousness. The next level is up to all of us. Will it be a catastrophic continuation to abusing the resources of the earth until we are all poisoned; will we fight about it until we are all drained, depressed and continue the various US AGAINST THEM syndromes (nations, cultures, religions, race, economic status, etc.) that has manipulated the status quo for eons — or — can we WORK ON CREATIVE SOLUTIONS TO EVERYTHING.

While all of us at ZO love art, music, architecture, design and the creativity in all of life; we do realize that these enjoyments cannot exist if earth as we know it does not exist. These times are tumultuous and our world is on the verge of many catastrophes.  We want to be a voice for a higher human consciousness of the need for nonviolent change. With an increasingly connected global community — we want to help effect this change THROUGH THE ARTS and COMMUNICATION.

The bottom line may be that all of us are either actively being creative or destructive on many levels. We are creating our own destiny or possibly doing things to destroy it; we are creating a better environment for us and others or we are not. Whatever you are doing to others you are doing to yourself – ultimately. If you are improving yourself, making creative choices to work, create and survive – great. If you are harming yourself, your relationships, your neighborhood, the planet … well … just think about it.  It could be as simple as throwing trash out of the window or being careless with a match or you could be cutting down entire rainforests or simply overfishing (to somehow survive).  We are not pointing fingers or judging anyone — we are asking ourselves these questions.

These are conscious observations … as we at ZO try to improve our minds and creative gifts.

These are thoughts from our Other Dimensional Discussion.

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