so what about this DIFFERENT UNIVERSE?

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Recent History

The most recent “New World” encounter in the Americas changed the course of the universe.

New World – Vorspiel

(Commentary below is personal from someone in our pool of writers.)

I believe that the reintroduction of mystic beings that started with the encounter of the (2nd wave of) European, Indian and African tribes that constellated on the shores of the Americas – began a metaphysical countdown.

Karmym-Bring Back Love
Karmym – Bring Back Love

We are spirits having a temporary experience to determine the essence of our character.

Travelers began to meet in the middle ages for the 3rd and final time before … Planetary Evolution makes its next progression.

When the beings upon a planet have evolved to a sufficient degree, and enough are in agreement toward existential change, the planet is capable of becoming a New World.

When the beings evolve to a still greater degree, it is capable of giving birth to an inhabited system.

Art allows us to escape the boundaries of space, time and limits — to see new worlds.

These new worlds allow us to visualize outside of the known realm.

That is why we love Art.

Welcome to the New World

Perhaps that is what art is for – to fuel possibilities.


We are not here to argue, debate, ridicule, insult or spin one way or another. We hope to explore, listen, learn things we haven’t heard before, and ponder …

We ask that comments be in this vein.

3000 light years-Goro Endow
3000 Light Years by Goro Endow

Some people have made up their mind and know everything about the origins and course of life ( … where we came from and where we are going). That is fine, good for you.

Most of those at ZO have deep felt “decisions” on what they believe; but that does not stop ideas about what we can build for the future – unless we continue to use those decisions as a reason to dismiss or harm each other.

The history of this planet is:

a) CONTESTED – did we begin from a Big Bang, Panspermia, Divine intervention, Spontaneous RNA, or all of these?

b) DOMINATED BY GROUP THINK – metaphysical and spiritual thoughts are relegated to myth, while scientists must toe a proverbial line in order to publish papers (especially if evidence lies outside of human testing). Oops, so much for 99.9% of the cosmos that we haven’t reached yet – except by probes and/or on possibly psychic, intuitive or Divine intervention levels.

c) VIOLENT – on a physical, mental and economic level. Many answers that might be evident if investigated and discussed in honest and sincere exploration are hidden so as to manipulate each other for gain.

Goro Endow - a record-l
A Record by Goro Endow

Sometimes life on earth seems so very delicate and tenuous, but whichever way it goes, we have hope for the future.

Art says that the future may lie in another reality.

Goro Endow -Time Travel
Time Travel by Goro Endow


There’s a New World coming … this one’s coming to an end.

Nina Simone is world famous for her song: New World Coming … (written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil)

This was the best video we could find online with her song. In it Nina takes an impromptu turn, finding hope amidst the fire and brimstone of the Book of Revelations to deliver one of the most powerful performances in Jazz.

You may stand on any side of the pictures in the video – but in essence it is a good representation of the times we live in.

There’s a new world coming
And it’s just around the bend
There’s a new world coming
This one’s coming to an end

There’s a new voice calling
You can hear it if you try
And it’s growing stronger
With each day that passes by

There’s a brand new morning
Rising clear and sweet and free
There’s a new day dawning
That belongs to you and me

Yes a new world’s coming
The one we’ve had visions of
Coming in peace, coming in joy
Coming in love


Painting of Nina Simone by a fan named Paintedgrass


A new planet among an inhabited galaxy of planets …

CONCEPT Example 1:

The planet named “Hálá Achukma” is abundantly financed and there are 7 levels of employment for residents of the planet. All other people coming and going are visitors.  Many animals on the planet have very lucrative jobs and are in demand throughout this particular galaxy. Intergalactic travel involves complex negotiations … (another scenario).New Planet

Level 1: Animalia Dux – These are granted care for 1 animal species of choice. Land is given to the Dux according to the size, type and weight of the animal and consideration is given for those caring for animals that thrive better in flocks, herds, etc. (e.g., someone caring for an elephant would need considerable land for care, feeding, mating, etc.). That person would also be allowed to hire as much help as they may need for their animalia.

Level 2: Animalia Procurator – These administrate financing, help and any other care needed for all inhabitants of Hálá. They have access to everything needed.

Level 3: Animalia Nūtrīcius – These are responsible for the actual physical care of the animalia (on various levels). They can have whatever they need for the animalia and for their own desires in living.

Level 4: Artifex Tendo – Artists, Musicians and Entertainment

Level 5: Tempus Tendo – Farmers, Gardeners, Restauranteurs, Rainmakers, Snowmakers and others in charge of weather

Level 6: Those Who Breathe – these dialogue between all levels taking ideas and synthesizing the best way to do things.

Level 7: Probo – these evaluate what is working and not working and make changes.

All other jobs are handled by AI. There are no homeless, hungry or non-involved inhabitants.

We are interested and will be welcoming other ideas as our forum becomes more public …


We welcome other (simple) concepts for new worlds, new beginnings (under 250 words). You must be registered to post. All postings will remain anonymous. We are trying to avoid personal disagreements, deconstructive criticism and contentions. We are simply interested in other ideas of what you may envision the next New World to be.

Creative Registry

Most rational people prefer peace to war and deserve to have it. Say Peace in all languages!

Thoughts about where humanity is headed are diverse and as complex as the universe — but one thing is for certain. The future belongs to those who “craft” it . . . rather than sitting and watching others design, decree and declare what will happen — please take part in the conversations!

Here are thoughts on a possible Billion Year Plan (what’s yours?):

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