Change happens ONE CHOICE AT A TIME …

Dog Days — Kristen Gass

I CHOOSE to get out of bed. I CHOOSE control.
Wake Up ...

That may be all it takes …

. . . ABOUT ZO

. . . The possibility for a new way of life is in all of our hands. Will it be a catastrophic continuation to abusing the resources of the earth until we are all poisoned; will we fight about it until we are all drained and depressed — or — can we work on creative solutions, rather than the barbaric violence that has been the modus operandi of historic change? We want to be one of many voices for a higher human consciousness and consideration for each other and the need for nonviolent positive change. With an increasingly connected global community — we want to help effect this change through the ARTS and COMMUNICATION.

ZO orchestrates a broad presentation of multidisciplinary art, poetry, music, literary and design offerings — through a daily changing CLOUD PUBLICATION. We will publish a “COLLECTOR’S EDITION” glossy MAGAZINE showcasing an internationally curated 2D museum of creations (every 36 months).



. . . ZO’s CREATIVE CONNECTIONS number over 100,000+ directly.

*ZO has a YouTube channel that we are in the process of reworking. We’ve had a number of versions of trailers for our film “The O.D.D. Room” up – but are back to the drawing board on that. We use various pieces of our artistic tapestry as we have the personnel, etc. to administrate it. We’ve just started posting again on Instagram. We have a few other pages at Pinterest, LinkedIn and a few other social networking pages that we have decided not to work at the moment. Most of the artists we work with have personal pages on those sites and we encourage you to connect with them (but our tastes are so broad that we haven’t decided what our particular artistic leaning should be on those formats …) We are very thankful for the increasingly connected digital world that we live in — and could not have truly blossomed (like we have) without it. We keep touch with all of our friends on all of the social media networks and treasure our initial relationships from social pioneers like MySpace as dearly as we do the flows that come from the new and secret “Bridge” — now in development. . . .

Seba Feather

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We actually have 2 pages on FB. One we started years ago and a new one:

ZO Magazine — Zone Other (or click photo)

ZO – a Different Kind of Universe

Crystal DNA

CIRCLES on Facebook

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Pictured above … three-dimensional, synthetic DNA-like crystals that could lead to cleaner energy, including technology that factories and cars can use to capture carbon dioxide before it reaches the atmosphere … kudos to UCLA chemistry and biochemistry professor Omar M. Yaghi for his work (at the Governor Gray Davis Institutes for Science and Innovation)


PHENOMENATION on Facebook and ReverbNation

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We have not really been working the Phenomenation pages for several years. Kudos to Merlin who helped us launch a daily music exposé as Radio Eclectica on MySpace …

Kendra Beltran, who has recently come on board as Music Director will take up the torch of finding and working with us in presenting unique timeless music in our own eclectic collaborative formats. If you are interested in working with us on connecting with musicians worldwide (because it is a very big job) please connect with Irydia Velsari on FB.

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The Tropics 914 c

One of ZO’s projects in development since its inception, is an international event featuring art, poetry, music and a convergence of the arts during one 12 hour period. We have long pondered how best to do this and now have a strategy for orchestration that will carry and highlight our signature ecclectic styling. Some of the presentation will be live and some pre-recorded.

We have decided to publish our “Collector’s Edition” hard copy of the magazine to coincide with this 12 Hour “SPOKEN WORLD EVENT.” It will take a tremendous amount of planning and collaboration to get this done and the date is still undetermined. We are projecting that the first Collector’s Edition of the magazine will debut for sale at the event. Although we LOVE print media and, in fact, have been greatly inspired by the major art, fashion and innovative publications now existing; we believe that our own publishing call is better geared for daily and frequent changes online and that gathering some of that featured material into print media on a biennial schedule (every 2 years) will make it that much more ZO – a different kind of publication. We also plan to completely archive our online publication every 2 years and start fresh!

The Tropics 914-4c

A million thanks to The Tropics, La Maison De Fashion, Bohemian Society | Victor Wilde, director Sean Scarritt, videographer Tshombe Tshanti and photographers Mae Koo and Manuel Llamas-Macinas for the wonderful images we were able to capture.

Carole Rodrigue


Art above by Carole Rodrigue






Pictured: Juliana Hatfield






Surreal is the new Possible




ZO-UniverseIn addition to distinctive photography, personal creative referrals and special guides to a myriad of the world’s known and undiscovered talent, we will inform our readers of current trends, environmental news and global events from a positive – good news – perspective. Our intent is to focus on innovators who, through their art, music, talents, actions, writings and personal lives are endeavoring to create solutions and solve problems rather than just identifying them.  We hope that our fecund approach will be of encouragement in a world of increasingly pessimistic and cynical opinions.

As we look at today’s turbulent world through the rose colored glasses of our own imaginarium, we want to seek and expose the excellence, fascination, brilliance and graciousness that life can offer. We are hopeful that our diversely fueled perspectives will sow seeds of peace and strengthen foundations on which we might try to build cultural collaborations and at the least better artistic communications for the future.

Our magazine’s unique emphasis is in total contrast to today’s forecasts of economic upheaval, urban unrest and discontent, fights among and between the haves and have nots, medical crisis and stressful greed-filled business trends. ZO is deliberately trying to build a publication with a social conscience and the mindfulness to avoid finger pointing as we attempt to offer creative encouragement for change.

We are constantly looking for and connecting with talent for our various projects. Please register if you are interested in sharing your creative gifts. Please review the schedules and listings for artists and Global Map for outreach and by all means connect with us if you desire and are able to contribute in any way to our efforts.Other Dimensional Discussion

Our endgame is to bring international artists of all disciplines together in a global gathering (obviously somewhere in the Cloud). We initially called this “The ZO Ball” – when we were on MySpace – Old Skool was so very charming … We have now named the event “Spoken World” – and are excited about adding elements of the historic “Masque” in Venice to 12 hours of fun.

We are in the process of organizing the presentation and will keep a running list of featured artists.
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Lithopanspermia: spreading life


Eventually, we want to affiliate with at least one artist in each country and welcome all Creative Souls to register with our Creative Registry.

As you may know, this world can be a troubled place. The list on our Global Map has 256 country listings; but of those only 191 countries are not disputed?

We are staying out of the politics, but using the list to organize artists from each of these regions.

The ANNUAL Event we plan will coordinate a presentation of Art, Poetry, Music and other creative offerings with artists we connect with. A listing of Art and Music by Country can be found at this creative GLOBAL MAP link. The actual event will go by TimeZone – so you can also follow our plans at the listing we are developing by TIME.

There will probably be a greater number of artists from the more populated and connected countries; but we are starting with one each on the creative lists. We are also including a separate listing for the United States as that is ZO’s origination.

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