From BC to Tennessee with Holly Elle

Having watched Degrassi for nearly half my life, I am all about Canada. Yes, my love for this country is based off of a teen show that I maybe 15 years too old for now – but perhaps my love may shift a little towards because of getting to know native Canadian Holly Elle. A pop singer with some R&B soul, we have the same admiration for a few golden ladies. We could practically be twins…minus she has one hell of a voice and I couldn’t carry a tune across the room. Now in Nashville, we talked with Holly Elle about her homeland, her move and more…

Kendra: What about these music parties your parents threw when you were little sparked your interest?

Holly Elle: What could be more fun than a music party with food, family and friends? It always felt like a celebration, the house was full of laughter and warmth, it was an awesome atmosphere. Then you had these talented musicians who would whip out an instrument and just jam while people danced and sang for hours. Violin, guitar, piano, cymbala, my Dad on accordion, pull out some spoons and play them on your knee, can you imagine the energy? It was electrifying.

Kendra: Being a native Canadian, what’s more nerve wracking – sledding down a giant hill or performing in front of a huge crowd?

Holly Elle: I shouldn’t say this, because I should be an expert at tobogganing (we gotta use the right terminology here), but sledding is way worse! I was home in Calgary last winter and I went sledding with my nephew. I guess I was a little rusty because my second time down I got my hand caught under the sled and it was not a pretty sight. It can actually be a very dangerous activity, some cities have even banned it. I still have the scars.

Kendra: Why did you decide to make the move from Canada to Nashville?

Holly Elle: I always knew I wanted to move to the US for music and I considered LA, New York and Nashville as options. I just happened to fall in love with Nashville and I knew it was where I needed to be.

Holly Elle’s Favorite Place in Canada: Penticton, British Columbia

Kendra: When it comes to your sound, what Golden Girl do you think best represents your music and why?

Holly Elle: O. M. G. I love the Golden Girls!!! I definitely get some Sophia sass in there every now and then but I would have to say my music is very Blanche – bold, sexy and confident with a sweet little tender heart underneath. Plus after all these years in Nashville I’m working on becoming an honorary southern belle…

Kendra: Lastly, what can we expect from you musically in the coming months?

Holly Elle: You can always expect new music from me on a regular basis, I love to keep that flow going. I hope to be getting out on tour by April.

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