Emotional on Their Debut, Tropics and More

Come the end of the week the London duo Emotional will release their debut album via MÏLK. They promised us listeners can expect a lot of what’s come to be known as their signature electronic pop sound, much like we’ve been hearing on their single, “Hawaii.” Which we learned wasn’t written thinking about a place far from the rainy days of their home base, but rather on its island namesake. With a new album out soon, Emotional talked that, how they react to one another on stage and more in this new interview.

Kendra: It’s been a few years since you two came together. Looking back on day one when you started making music, what’s the most significant change when it comes to your professional relationship with one another

Emotional: Originally we started making music from transcribing Sian’s ideas from a digital 4-track and working on them in Ableton. Now we make and write stuff together – the sound is more clubby but we still use a variety of elements….field recordings, fragments of slowed down iTunes, keyboards we found on the street etc. etc…

Kendra: Being part of a duo has always seemed like more work than being solo or in a full band because you have only that one other person to rely on. Are there things you do that you are sure bugs your musical partner in crime?

Emotional: Working as a duo is actually easier because you have a partner to encourage you and bounce ideas off it’s an intense but rewarding setup. We probably wouldn’t come up with the same mish-mash of influences if it was just either one of us.

Kendra: Just curious, when it comes to hanging out in London, where do you go to avoid the flood of tourists throughout the year?

Emotional: I don’t think we hang out in the same places as floods of tourists anyway to be honest! I guess we like playing outside London especially Glasgow where people are up for putting on gigs in their kitchens and living rooms rather than at official venues…those are always the most fun gigs.

Kendra: Back to the music. Listening, your sound reminds me of the dance music you’d hear in the 90’s just a bit. Were there any artists from then you all pulled from when it came time to build your personal sound?

Emotional: I think we are interested in the idea of the failed copy…trying to sound like something in particular often results in making something new that you didn’t necessarily expect. It’s more about creating a general ambience, however a lot of people seem to connect our sound with 90s nostalgia.

Kendra: You have some fall dates coming up. When you two are on stage, do you let one another do their own thing or are you a pair that is full of interaction?

Emotional: When we perform one of us triggers loops from a sampler and the other sings live. We make the music collaboratively so this doesn’t accurately represent how we write but has been the easiest way to keep the performing loose and avoid standing on stage with laptops.

Kendra: A debut record, a tour – what’s one thing you hope to add to your list of dos come this time next year?

Emotional: We are currently writing the next record…it’s going to be a karaoke classic.

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