Ellyland Pops in Germany

Everyone over a certain age knows one and only one big thing about Germany, but they are definitely more than their past. Today they are as vibrant as ever with their Oktoberfests, luscious landscapes, vibrant communities that embrace diversity and of course their pop scene, which the likes of Ellyland belongs to. She’s not only popping, but also into making listeners move with her danceable tunes. We caught up with her to see what not only she was all about, but to talk about the place she calls home.

Kendra: At what age did you decide music was going to be your life?

Ellyland: I was 12 or 13-years-old when I decided to record something in a professional studio, but I have sung since I could think. Singing is my life.

Kendra: Have you gotten into any other creative outlets?

Ellyland: Yes of course, I love diversity . I love fashion, and all that lifestyle stuff.

Kendra: When you are working on a song, is there anywhere you go in your town that gets your create juices flowing?

Ellyland: Honestly I love to write at home in a quiet and comfortable situation. But sometimes if the sun is shining and I am In Dortmund at the Phoenix Sea with my dog, some new and fresh ideas will go through my mind; some new lines and even new projects.

Kendra: The German language has a reputation of sounding very bold. Do you think that affects artists who sing in their native tongue?

Ellyland: I don’t think so. In the past five years German songs have become very popular in Germany, even more than English songs. We call it “the New German wave” and it sounds very good; no negative influence.

Kendra: Lastly, what is coming up for you in the next few months?

Ellyland: My life is not only “colorized” but sometimes it goes “Outta Control,” but it will be always surprising so stay tuned!

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