Wise Words with Eleven North

When the guys of Eleven North aren’t laughing hysterically to reruns of The Office on Netflix, or catching up on the latest Brooklyn Nine Nine they are on the road or in the studio. With well over 100 shows under their belt thus far, the band spent their fair share of time in the studio in 2016 so they could release an album this year. The whole band got together to talk about recording, touring, advice and more so stay tuned for what they had to say and keep an eye out for that new record dropping later this year.

Kendra: Growing up with a couple of brothers I know what happens when you get a group of guys together. So when you are all in the studio, is there a lot of playing and joking around or is it all business the whole time?

Eleven North: The band is like family so there is always joking around and having fun but we always get things done. Keeping the atmosphere light helps us be more creative and therefore even more productive.

Kendra: I asked because you guys spent a lot of time in the studio this fall working on your new LP. When and what can we expect from that this year?

Eleven North: Well, we have an 8-song album. Working with Matt Grady and his team at EMac studios last fall was a really great experience. With Grady, we were able to work on finding unique guitar tones and different layers including harmonies and vocal layers to bring about a really full sound that we are excited about. We have another single or two to release in the early spring before we release the full album.

Kendra: Was there a debate about “Words From The Wise” being the lead single?

Eleven North: There was no debate at all we could all feel it as the songs were forming. It was the right amount of catchy and powerful combined with a good message that meant a lot to us.

Kendra: Wise words aside, what’s the worst advice you ever got when it comes to music and/or being in a band?

Eleven North: Probably the same bad advice everyone receives at least once in their lifetime while pursuing their passion; and that would be to simply give up or that it’s a waste of time. Granted our songs weren’t always so pleasing to the ear. When you’re passionate about creating something like music or art it shouldn’t matter what others think as long as it brings you joy. And with time and practice what brings you joy will in turn bring joy to others.

Kendra: Now onto your love shows. You have played over 100 since the band started. Do you have a favorite city so far?

Eleven North: While traveling all the way across this beautiful country we got to experience and see many of its wonders and meet many amazing people. Every city and town we visited and played was Beautiful in its own way but if we had to choose favorites Edmonton would definitely be in our top just because of good atmosphere along with Penticton B.C. which is a town surrounding a crystal clear lake with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop a full 360 degrees and Ridgeway which is close to home with a killer venue ‘The Sanctuary’ an old converted church with a brewery in the basement which is always putting on amazing shows and bringing in big bands.

Kendra: With plenty of shows to go, what venue do you hope to cross off your bucket list in 2017?

Eleven North: There are many great venues that we’d love to play but one does come to mind with so many of our heroes like Neil Young, City in Colour and other great bands having played this stage. Massey Hall has always been a dream we hope to fulfill.

Kendra: Lastly, 2017 will bring about new music – but what else for you guys?

Eleven North: Many, much and lots of shows as well as festivals! We’re also working on at least one tour for the new album but hoping more will present themselves. We are working on more content and videos for YouTube and social media. We are always writing new music and despite just coming out of studio we already have enough music for another album and we’re still writing more so a few trips to the studio is probably in the cards as well!

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