Deejay Lala: Love, Loss and Lauryn

Deejay Lala 2
Frida Kahlo is a realist. Her artwork favored the flawed and human condition of her life. Kahlo said, “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” That is why when asked what famous piece of art Deejay Lala would compare her own music to — she chose Kahlo saying, “She was very free minded, always did her art from the heart, never listened to any critics and it was just so unique. There was so much passion in her work. She was never afraid to express what she felt through art and she was a very brave woman. All of this was shown in her art work and that’s how I want to express my work.”

Courage to venture into the world and make it as an artist was a life lesson Lala learned from her late mother. Losing a loved one is something we’re all going to face sooner or later, and like most people, Lala was crushed by the loss of her mother — but the whole ordeal made her fearless because “the worst thing that could happen to me, happened.” What else could she possibly be afraid of in this world if she’d already faced her biggest fear!

In addition to teaching her to live each day like her last and to the fullest, her mother also instilled an appreciation of music in her from an early age. A singer and percussionist, her mother found solace in creating a family with a man who was a composer and guitarist. Together they kept their home singing with the tunes of everything from James Brown to The Beatles. Of course, few stick with their parents’ choices, so she found herself emerged in the hip hop sounds of Snoop Dogg, the punk scene and Green Day. Thankfully, her creative parents were open-minded and accepting when the rap came on. While most would’ve said to “turn that racket off” her mom embraced it.

While spinning the likes of Tupac and Snoop, Lala’s real love of hip hop was born, thanks to Ms. Lauryn Hill. One listen and Lala noted to herself, “I knew deep inside that Hip Hop and I were going to be together for a long time. Her whole album sealed the deal for me.” That’s not to say she doesn’t dive into other lovely ladies. On her last trip across the pond she listened to Lana Del Rey on repeat.

She may have Lana on deck again as she plans to head back to Europe in mid-October with another L.A. girl, Reverie. Lala loves their chemistry as well as their energy together and notes that the whole tour would not be possible without their booking manager, Rita G. Other than her music, Lala has also just released her first film. Working with Butterfly Angel Productions as well as graffiti artists, B-boys, stylists, and fellow musicians. Intertwining her love of beats and fashion, she created a script that really lets her express all of that onto a film landscape.

Looking over Deejay Lala’s life, it’s clear the theme is strong female presence. From Frida to her own mother to the woman who helps book her around the globe, its crystal that she was born and bred on this and for this. That’s why she’s straightforward with what she wants and goes after it with all she has. Like Kahlo, she wants to create what she wants, when she wants. This is why she holds her head high in the underground scene.

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