Costa Rica’s Debi Nova Gran Passion

Sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua is Costa Rica in Central America. Rainforests and beaches are Instagram-worthy photos many tourists take advantage of. For people born there like pop singer Debi Nova – there’s so much more though. The Grammy-nominated artist gave us a little inside of what to really expect when visiting. Last year Debi was winning the first season of Columbia’s Dancing with the Stars and this year she released her third album, Gran Ciudad. Now she’s talking to ZO about Costa Rica, passion and more.

Kendra: We all have ideas of what a place is like thanks to movies and TV, but what is something the rest of the world usually has wrong about Costa Rica?

Debi Nova: It always surprises people when I tell them that it rains nine months out of the year in Costa Rica. Even though we do have a lot of moments of beautiful beach weather, which is what’s portrayed in most of the tourism images. Costa Rica is a rainy country and that’s why it stays so green.

Kendra: Here in the US we have the staples like The Beatles, Elvis, Madonna. Who are some Costa Rican artists everyone admires on a level like that?

Debi: There are two very important bands that everyone respects; Malpais and Editus. Both have done amazing things for music within the country and outside of the country too.

Kendra: Where is your favorite place to work on music?

Debi: My home studio in Tamarindo.

Debi Nova’s Favorite Place in Costa Rica: Matapalo Beach

Kendra: Other than your career in music, what other aspects of life are you passionate about?

Debi: I love that music has allowed me to work closely with organizations that wanna create positive changes in the world. Right now I’m working with the nature conservancy group which deals with solving environmental problems. I’m also very passionate about women’s rights and eradicating domestic violence.

Kendra: What’s up next for you? New music, touring?

Debi: I just released my third solo album, Gran Ciudad, so this year I’ll be promoting and touring the new material.

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