From the Heat of Nigeria to the Canadian Cold with Davy Sage

This week is sort of a two for one deal with Davy Sage since he grew up in Nigeria, but now resides in Canada. An interesting change of not only pace, but scenery and culture as well. But he’d adjusted just fine. He had to because he is focused on making music not only his passion but full on career. With a sound that takes the smoothness of R&B and implements elements of dance and his native Afro Pop, he’s definitely sound that resonates with people who like their spirits lifted when listening to their favorite songs. Now we’ll explore a little more with Davy Savage as we learn where he came from, where he’s going and why he’s celebrating.

Kendra: Coming up with very little in Nigeria, what was your prime motivation of not letting that keep you from pursuing music?

Davy Sage: You know, watching a lot of talented people gave up on their dreams just because they lost hope or died as a result of gang violence really pushed me to work hard and be positive for better days. So I never let the situations in my environment to pull me down but rather made me follow my dreams and work harder.

Kendra: Writing poetry at 13, what were some of the subjects you tackled then?

Davy: My poems were inspirational and uplifting and most of them were written during hard times.

Kendra: Are they similar to the music you create now, which speaking of – where were you mentally when penning “Celebrate?”

Davy: I wrote “Celebrate” to appreciate someone in my life that has always had my back since I knew her. And I believe the more love and appreciation you show to people who are there for you the more support you’ll get from them. I make music that brings good feelings and appreciate life, which is very similar to uplifting and inspirational poems that I wrote back then.

Davy Sage’s favorite city in Nigeria, Ibadan in Oyo Province

Kendra: When you made the move to Canada what was the first thing, other than loved ones, you were homesick for?

Davy: The weather was a bit harsh because I came in the wintertime, which was from an extremely hot weather back in Nigeria to the opposite in Canada. And for instance in Nigeria we celebrate Christmas by throwing outdoor party and carnival, which isn’t like that in Canada due to the winter.

Kendra: Lastly, what are you doing musically in the next couple of months?

Kendra: I know you got some shows in February, but what else? I’m currently working on a new EP dropping in summer, which I’ve been working on since last December and keep me busy till May. And my management is also working on booking more shows across Canada in summer or fall to promote the new project.

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