Red_FloorWe are so very thankful for the individuals below! They have helped us launch this unique vehicle for international artistic communications and inspire us with their gifts, talents and writings. If you are interested in joining or contributing to this Convergence of Artists and its Creative Community — PLEASE CONNECT.

There are a few ways to affiliate and we look forward to seeing your creative gifts and possibly sharing them in our Magazine.

Our digital pages are full of creative and changing CONTENT . . . and we receive input through three methods: Recommendations from those who we are already working with (listed on our Contributors, Artists, Musicians, Poets and Writers pages) — those who affiliate through our Creative Registry and — through the Creative Expos that we orchestrate during the year.

“Moonlit Shore”Brian Crain

ZO’s concept for its unique work has always been to bring together a body of artists to forge a new dynamic for creative expression. As such, we are developing an initial group to contribute, counsel and help us steer this creative and open forum to a place of inspiration for its members as well as its viewers. As we grow, we envision possibly forming a collective in each country so that we can better communicate with our global audience.

Collective One

Vivienne Williamson
Vivienne Williamson

70HVZ-Tara Cotter'Nesci
Tara Cotter’ Nesci

Sasza Baristow

CONCEPTUALISTS | Developers . . .

River Alexander

Concept Director — ZO Magazine
Founder — Artitude


Concept Director — ZO Magazine
Founder — Artitude

Yocheved Menashe

Inception Set Up . . .
Executive Producer — now working on her PhD in Israel

David C. Pond

Writer — ZO Magazine
Founder — Fresh Vision

Irydia Velsari

Webmaster — ZO Magazine

Leah Welch

Poet — Writer — Creative Entrepreneur
ZO Magazine | Poetry Director

Mantha Balourdou

Actor — Director
ZO Magazine Spokesperson
Time Traveler – TERRE DUVALLE in the movie ZO is developing called The O.D.D. Room — O.D.D. stands for Other Dimensional Discussion

Alain Devy

Architect — MasterPlanner | EuroDisney

Alain was an early consultant to our Arts Project, offering incredible direction and information from an initial meeting at his UCLA class on Location Based Entertainment | LBE. We are grateful for his inspiration and mentorship.

Timothy Webb

Actor — Model — Life Coach
ZO Magazine Spokesperson
Designer|Poet – NILE ELAN in the film The O.D.D. Room

Christina Chua

Creative Consultant for film development preceding The O.D.D. Room.

Principal of Chinese Corp C.E.O. Foundation — Founder for a significant Chinese orphanage. She speaks four languages and we look forward to working with her on new collaborations.

Nel Zeigler

Executive Producer — The O.D.D. Room


The International Arts Consortium, Inc. was a fore-runner to what we are now doing with ZO. The people who have supported our concept are truly treasures and we absolutely love them all.

This is from one of our first events.

Renee Johnson

Tech Guru

Winnie Luk

Strategist | Art Liaison — ZO Magazine

Grant Durando

Poet — Writer — Entrepreneur
Creator|Curator Pathological Poetry
ZO Magazine’s 1st International Poetry Editor

INSPIRATIONS from the very beginning . . .

Willie ”Mack” Thompson | Gil & Louis Williams

Willie Mack Thompson is a Board Contributor for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture now open in Washington, DC. Mack has been a mentor for years and we have shot portions of our film “The O.D.D. Room” at his home in Berkeley, CA

We have also been inspired by the hard work of Col. Gil Williams, appreciate his early casting help with some of our filming and would be “no-where” without the founding support of our favorite physicist, Louis C. Williams!

Erwin Binder

Sculpture | “Requiem” Johnny Carson Park, Burbank, CA

Erwin Binder was on ZO’s Board of Directors at our first incarnation as the International Arts Consortium, Inc. (IACI).

We have had a lot of people who believed in our project — and through many tests and trials are extremely happy that somehow we have been able to regroup, restructure and “believe” . . .

There is a time for everything and that initial debut was just not our time to catch fire. We all hope that the time has come!

Mr. Binder will be looking down from Heaven and smiling — what a wonderful man!

Claudia Lucas

Claudia Lucas has been with this project since its very beginning. She is one of our “Angels!”


For all of those who have believed in us from the beginning!



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