Living that Synth Dream with Computer Magic

Her album, Obscure But Visible, dropped back in October and with it Computer Magic played a handful of shows. Up next she’ll take a trip to Nepal and as she heads back she’ll focus on that new LP that’s slated for 2017. Before we spill too much from our exchange with this Brooklyn artist, read on to see what she had to say about all of the above and more…

Kendra: Your sound is said to be “synth-dance-dream” which made me think of Dancing with the Stars as a lot of celebs say it’s their dream to be a part of that show. Say you were asked to compete next season, what song would you want to get down to the first week to really showcase what you can do?

Computer Magic: I suppose if I had to pick a song to dance to I would have to go with something Nile Rodgers or Giorgio Moroder related. Maybe Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” produced by Giorgio or “Le Freak” by Chic.

Kendra: Now that we’ve gotten through a bit of an ice breaker let’s talk about the new EP that dropped at back in the beginning of October, Obscure But Visible. Where’d you pen most of the lyrics? Do you have a particular place that has proven to be more fruitful than others?

Computer Magic: The lyrics I choose always come from different places or experiences. Sometimes I’m influenced by my own personal experience and others I draw influence from what I’m surrounded by. If I’m writing in New York City I tend to write quicker as opposed to writing upstate where I feel like I have more time to be creative. There’s something about NYC in particular where you feel like you always have to be moving. Obscure but Visible was written while I was spending a lot of time in upstate New York.

Kendra: Are you one of those artists who don’t listen to anything else while writing and recording, or do you welcome influences into the mix?

Computer Magic: It’s important for me to have my own unique sound. I couldn’t stop listening to music all together while making a record, though, because I love music. I think I’m influenced by the music I listen to whether I want to be or not, and what I listen to is constantly changing.

Kendra: So going off the stellar single that is “Gone For The Weekend,” if you could spend this coming weekend anywhere in the world with anyone, where and who you picking?

Computer Magic: Well, I would definitely want to be with my boyfriend and best friend, but as for the location that’s hard to decide, there are so many places to go! I’m going to Nepal in November and I’m really looking forward to that. If I could be anywhere this weekend I would want to take a trip up north where maybe the leaves have started to change for Fall.

Kendra: Going back to the sound you have, were you always set on having that synth like escape in your music?

Computer Magic: It’s funny because I never purposely wanted to make synth specific music, synths were just the first instrument I had access to. I think if I started out with a guitar my music would sound a lot different- although now I’m learning how to play and use it on some songs, like “Gone For The Weekend” for example.

Kendra: You had a show in October in New York City, anything else on the books as we close out the year?A new EP in 2016, what’s to come for you in 2017?

Computer Magic: Next year we’re touring all of February in the states and I’m releasing another LP, although I don’t know when. I’m writing the songs now for the LP. I’m always writing!

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