Chelsea Perkins: The Creative Risk Taker

Photo Credit: Jeremy Perkins

Photo Credit: Jeremy Perkins

Being a creative soul is both a blessing and a curse. Those who love to create can rarely smile in a normal 9-5 setting that many of their peers leave school and find themselves in after graduation. With a love for the arts though, Chelsea Perkins packed up and headed out to New York to pursue acting, but while she was there ended up recording an album.

She notes, that like most, music was her personal form of therapy and said, “Most times I feel a block when it comes to verbalizing my emotions and writing a song was a way to emanate those feelings. It was in New York City that I had found my identity and realized my passion for music. That city is so inspiring. That city is like a constant creative high,’ adding, “I would spend hours writing songs on guitar songwriting and collaborating trying to fine tune my craft. I was new to music so I needed to learn how to create what I had envisioned in my mind. I recorded and produced my true first EP which I released on Soundcloud but I ended up taking it down because I was still figuring out my sound. Those first songs are interesting. Maybe I’ll reproduce and post them one day.”

Never one to turn her back on a challenge, she said she embraced the change and said that if she never took that chance on music, “I would regret it for the rest of my life.” Now the songstress is putting the acting on hold and focussing all her attention on her music. Whether it’s practicing her moves in front of the mirror or promoting her latest EP, You’re Busy. She’d already headed out west when she recorded it and admitted that location “definitely” changed the sound, “The music I make now compared to the music I started out with is drastically different mostly due to me learning and evolving as a songwriter and producer over the years. My best friend just messaged me from NY yesterday after watching the music video claiming I’m ‘so Cali.’”

Be it her personal favorite “Girlfriend” that she notes is, “…just lightheartedly witty. What girl can’t relate to talking shit about an ex’s girlfriend? I think I was like super duper single when I wrote that haha. Straight up hatin’ haha,” or “White Flag” which made her open up about the one thing she’d never give up on, “No matter how much I write about it I guess I will never give up on love. I’m constantly going back and forth, but I at the end of the day I am a romantic.”

Love and her music, those are two things we can expect Chelsea will never stray from. Right now she’s working on finding a band, releasing another video and then moving onto her next project which she says will be, “A fully themed album. Should be interesting. It’s got a vulnerable darker sound.” Maybe somewhere down the road she’ll get to partner up with FKA Twigs, an artist she can’t get enough of right now. You never know, but what we do know is that you need to check out Chelsea Perkins and keep your ears to the pavement for what she’ll be up to in the coming months.

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