Blu Acid Talk “No Time” and Moonshine

Over two decades ago Mischa den Haring and Jan Mittendorp came to know one another. Mischa remembers, “Mixing Electronic vibes with traditional blues was something Jan was doing for quite some time already when I heard his stuff. I liked his approach so we started collaborating from then on.” Fast forward to today and Blu Acid manage to have kept the magic alive all these years together, as well as apart. We talked with Mischa about their longevity, moonshine and more.

Kendra: In the 25 years you’ve been involved with music, there have to be changes you obviously don’t like but we want to focus on the positive. So what changes in the grand scheme of things have you appreciated?

Mischa: What I feel is that thanks to internet non-mainstream music can find his way easier to listeners than it did back in the days. Technological developments also bring new opportunities. And at the same time people still love to hear music from the heart. Shitty music is still shitty music and vice versa.

Kendra: Your latest single “No Time” made us think, other than music – what’s one thing you wish you had more time to focus on?

Mischa: Only one thing? I wish I had more time for everything! I love to work hard but need to slow myself down once in awhile. But to answer your question: If I had more time I would love to learn how to play drums properly.

Kendra: You worked with John Blake on that one. Is it easy to bring someone new to the mix?

Mischa: Working with someone new is always refreshing and inspiring. With John we knew he was going to fit in right from the bat. He has so much soul and he immediately knew what we were aiming for. And he gave us even more than that. It was a treat to work with a gifted singer like him.

Kendra: Without naming names, has there ever been someone one of you wanted to work with that the other didn’t, so it didn’t go through?

Mischa: Not really. We agree pretty fast on who to work with. Sometimes sessions do not turn out like expected, but that is another story. Then we simply don’t release it.

Kendra: You’ve said Blu Acid is “like moonshine,” but if you had to compare your current sound to a cocktail which would it be and why?

Mischa: I’d say a Bloody Mary: strong and spicy!

Kendra: Will fans be seeing you live at all in the coming months?

Mischa: At the moment Jan and I have our own things going. Jan is busy with ElectroBluesSociety and touring with Boo Boo Davis and I am currently touring with my band T-99. For now we both are pretty busy with that but who knows. We have some new tracks in the oven though that will be released soon.

Kendra: Lastly, here at ZO we’re all about the arts. With that I wanted to ask you to either draw or submit a piece of art that you feel best represents your sound?


Victory Boogie Woogie & The Scream

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