Bloody Heels’ Glam It Up

Glam Rock is typically something you see in costume form on Halloween. Coming from the ’70s and ’80s, it’s a genre that took a backseat to Kurt Cobain’s sweater collection as the rock tides turned to grunge in the ’90s. While not as mainstream as it once was, bands like Bloody Heels are making sure Glam Rock never goes the way of the dinosaurs.

Around since 2012, they dropped an EP a few years ago and since then fans have been (un)patiently waiting for more. Now the wait is finally over as Bloody Heels are on the heel of releasing their highly anticipated follow-up, Through Mystery on May 20. We chatted about that, pirates, the Glam life and more with their own Vicky White.

Kendra: When it came time to record Through Mystery, were all the stacks decked and ready to go, or were there some bumps along the way?

Vicky White: If you ask me if there were bumps along the way recording the album, answer most definitely would be “‘YES,” but specifically with the song “Cheap Little Liar,” I can’t really recall. I think we had a long discussion should we hire someone to play saxophone on the song, which in the end we didn’t.

Kendra: You’ve got this glam metal look and sound, one that screams the ’80s. With that, do you think that genre and style is more of an antiquity nowadays like it’s a lost art form in a way?

Vicky White: Yeah for sure it is, but I think every year it’s getting better and better. For example 10-15 years ago it was almost completely dead, the genre. And all the bands that still were playing something like that were the old ones from the ’80s, nowadays it’s different, you have tons of young bands, that are influenced by the ‘80s or play the exact 80’s music with some modern glimpse. So it’s getting really exciting again.

Kendra: You’ve got a UK tour coming up? What can fans expect from those shows?

Vicky White: It’s really sad but we actually won’t tour the UK for now. We gonna do shows in Scandinavia and then in summer we’ll tour Europe, but yeah this time without the UK. But we will try to book tour in the UK as fast as possible.

Kendra: Okay, so there was mention of a cruise show. Is this an actuality?

Vicky White: Haha, yeah, but it is nothing that big. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you many details for now as well.

Kendra: That made me instantly think of pirates. Who in the band do you feel would be the captain if you guys took to the high seas?

Vicky White: Good question. As a lead singer, I would like to tell you…Haha! But to be honest I think we all are. Every one of us is responsible for certain things and that really makes things a lot easier and faster.

Kendra: Back to the music, other than the new album and this upcoming tour do you guys have anything else planned for the year?

Vicky White: Yes we have, we will release some acoustic stuff, the film probably second music video, do some gigs and tour more, and then probably hit the studio again. It’s like a never-ending circle.

Kendra: Lastly, here at ZO we’re all about the arts. With that, I wanted to ask you to either draw or submit a piece of art that you feel best represents your sound?

Vicky White: I’ll give you the art I think represents specific this album, cause the past is past and we were different then and the future is future and we don’t know what it holds. So probably our sound will evolve as well. But I always thought of this album as a – Yin and Yang, like good and bad. There is some really dark stuff, but on the other hand, there are like really positive songs and good vibes, so it goes hand in hand and I think the album is balanced. So, Yin and Yang, it is.

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