— Elle On The Move —

Jamie Pearl is a high school student at Seattle Academy. She has placed in a few photography contests from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Competition and Young Arts. This photo was taken in the Seattle area.

The Journey — Richard Zeier



— Money Can’t Buy Happiness —

MUHAMMAD ZAQIR - "Money Cant Buy Happiness" (Silver PHOTOGRAPHY)

MUHAMMAD ZAQIR – “Money Cant Buy Happiness”

Muhammad Zaqir is 18 years old and was born and raised in Hong Kong. He is currently studying in High school at Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College (Grade 12). “Taking pictures was always my hobby. I love to capture beautiful and cheerful moments. This picture “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” was taken in a small village called Walia, Attock, Pakistan. I was touched to see such lovely adolescents enjoying and admiring their time without high quality gadgets that most kids in the developed countries and cities have. It shows the true meaning of life and that is certainly “Happiness!”



— Stellar Camping —

IAN LANGE - "Stellar Camping"

IAN LANGE – “Stellar Camping”

Ian Lange lives in Bozeman, Montana, where he spends his days climbing, skiing, traveling, exploring and photographing the surrounding mountains. Ian has always had an artistic drive, but it’s only been in the last three years that he has discovered photography. Since then he has spent much of his free time perfecting his craft while working to incorporate photography into his other interests. While traveling, Ian seeks to capture the atmosphere of the place, and in his shot “Stellar Camping”, which he took in Baja, Mexico, he succeeded in doing just that. With the stars soaring overhead, and the lonely tents lit up underneath the beautiful desolation of the location is conveyed.



— Choose Your Own Path —

CAMELIA LADJADJ - "Choose Your Own Path" (Pearl PHOTOGRAPHY)

CAMELIA LADJADJ – “Choose Your Own Path”

“This picture is about individuality and finding yourself. Choose your own path in life; don’t be a follower, be a leader.” — Claudia


  • Photography GOLD Winner | JAMIE PEARL - "Elle On The Move"



Info Here!
$2,275 in Awards.



JOHN BILDAHL — 1st Place Gold Winner —

© John Bildahl - "Alamo Joe" | 1st Place Gold Winner | Cloud Z Cover 1/27/16

© John Bildahl – “Alamo Joe” | 1st Place Gold Winner

Alamo Joe” was shot at Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia 2014. — Model: Alan Weitzman — John Bildahl is a well known East Coast yachting and fashion photographer. During a ten year career in New York City and subsequently for the past twenty-five years from his studio in Annapolis Maryland, John has built a reputation for combining an artistic eye with technical and commercial strengths in a broad range of photographic environments. These include product still-life, people (been called a “sick Norman Rockwell”), events, and architectural photography for advertising and magazine illustration. He is currently relocating his fine art photo essay of a fictional western character called “Alamo Joe” to a Colorado gallery.

Benjamin Cliff — Photoshop Gold Winner — ZO Cover 2/27/16
Lorelei Nelson — 1st Place Silver Winner — ZO Cover 3/27/16
Laura Dunfield — 2nd Place Silver Winner — ZO Cover 4/27/16

  • © John Bildahl - "Alamo Joe" | 1st Place Gold Winner | Cloud Z Cover 1/27/16

In addition to posting on our online cover Cloud Z — we will add entries to our Music Page and plan to publish winning entries in a “Collector’s Edition” hard copy of our magazine. This printed publication will issue every two years in conjunction with an international creative event we are organizing called “Spoken World.” We are hoping to publish the first edition in 2017.

Lorelei Nelson — 1st Place Silver Winner

Welcome Home — Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria

Lorelei Nelson is a Los Angeles based photographer of live and behind the scenes music.

Overall judges comments on this photo was that it “won out” due to the perfect timing of the shot and as we all know . . . “timing is everything!”

Benjamin Cliff — Photoshop Gold Winner


“I love music, and I love photography, and maybe a little bit of design. I’ve done a couple pieces of music artist double exposed into a landscape or cityscape.

One of my favorites is this piece of my close friend Elliot, in which I double exposed the portrait shot of him into a cityscape.” Benjamin Cliff

Laura Dunfield — 2nd Place Silver Winner

Trevor Whitridge

Laura Dunfield is a Vancouver-based photographer who specializes in live-music photography. “Being a musician myself, I saw an opportunity to mesh my career and my hobby as someone who could provide a unique, informed point of view for concert photography. The photo I’ve chosen to submit is of a trumpet student at Capilano University named Trevor Whitridge.

We are in touch with outstanding artists all over the world and our mission is to continue to connect, collaborate, promote, inspire and be inspired by the creative people and minds we touch. We will also feature the top 44 photos ranking highest from our photo expo.

Twelve will be shown on our main cover following Laura Dunfield’s cover in April — and the remaining work will be shown on our music page.


05/27/16 Cloud Z Cover

Adarryll Jackson  -- "DSmoov"

Adarryll Jackson — “DSmoov”

08/27/16 Cloud Z Cover

Antonello Campanelli -- "Merger"

Antonello Campanelli — “Merger”

11/27/16 Cloud Z Cover

Moinul Mahdi  -- "The Voice of the Soul"

Moinul Mahdi — “The Voice of the Soul”

06/27/16 Cloud Z Cover

Nino Ortiz -- "Macklemore"

Nino Ortiz — “Macklemore”

09/27/16 Cloud Z Cover

Brendon Delahoussaye -- "Myles Jeh"

Brendon Delahoussaye — “Myles Jeh”

12/27/16 Cloud Z Cover

Nik Stone -- "Mayday"

Nik Stone — “Mayday”

10/27/16 Cloud Z Cover

Sven Doornkaat -- "Bass player and Gambist JIM GARAFALO in Malibu, California"

Sven Doornkaat — “Bass player and Gambist JIM GARAFALO”

01/27/17 Cloud Z Cover

Kelsea Bauman -- "View From the Low End"

Kelsea Bauman — “View From the Low End”

Slideshows with the following top entries will also be randomly featured on our MAIN PAGE as well as the Music Page

Marcela Pulido -- "Annie Clark"

Marcela Pulido — “Annie Clark”

Mikul Robins -- "Highway Ryders"

Mikul Robins — “Highway Ryders”

Dan Baker -- "Foxing"

Dan Baker — “Foxing”

Justin Hackworth -- "Neon Trees"

Justin Hackworth — “Neon Trees”

Brendon Delahoussaye -- "Summer Rain"

Brendon Delahoussaye — “Summer Rain”

James Bildahl -- "Franky Roddy of Atomga"

James Bildahl — “Franky Roddy of Atomga”

Klaudia Seidl -- "Hand and Guitar"

Klaudia Seidl — “Hand and Guitar”

Ana Santos -- "Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest"

Ana Santos — “Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest”

Jahshua Grover -- "Nahko Praise"

Jahshua Grover — “Nahko Praise”

Mark Horst -- "The Train That Carries Notes"

Mark Horst — “The Train That Carries Notes”

Scott Lambson -- "Mr. Optimisitic"

Scott Lambson — “Mr. Optimisitic”

Fabian Lozano -- "CafeTacvba"

Fabian Lozano — “CafeTacvba”

Steve Sundram -- "Ukelele Girl"

Steve Sundram — “Ukelele Girl”

Moinul Mahdi -- "The Guitarist"

Moinul Mahdi — “The Guitarist”

Brandon Peterson -- "Ryan Innes & The Fictionist"

Brandon Peterson — “Ryan Innes & The Fictionist”

Ian Bambrick -- "Feel the Intensity"

Ian Bambrick — “Feel the Intensity”

Tehran Tynes -- "In the Heart of the City"

Tehran Tynes — “In the Heart of the City”

Jasmin Rojas -- "Neon Trees"

Jasmin Rojas — “Neon Trees”

Luis Rojas -- "John Gatto @ Starland Ballroom"

Luis Rojas — “John Gatto @ Starland Ballroom”

Shana Castano -- "Reed Grimm- Let It Snow"

Shana Castano — “Reed Grimm- Let It Snow”

Max Stephen -- "Rapture vs NinjaSpy"

Max Stephen — “Rapture vs NinjaSpy”

Jim Vondruska -- "The Noise FM at SXSW"

Jim Vondruska — “The Noise FM at SXSW”

LaQuan Wilson -- "Everyday A Star is Born"

LaQuan Wilson — “Everyday A Star is Born”

Zach Nieland -- "From A Dream"

Zach Nieland — “From A Dream”

Valmond Willams  -- "Barca Street"

Valmond Willams — “Barca Street”

Stephen Elliott -- "Piano Lighting Beam"

Stephen Elliott — “Piano Lighting Beam”

Ben Harrison  -- "Dancing on Beale"

Ben Harrison — “Dancing on Beale”

Dean Tucker -- "King"

Dean Tucker — “King”

Geo Beck  -- "John Pounds"

Geo Beck — “John Pounds”

Ayodeji owolabi -- "Live DJ"

Ayodeji owolabi — “Live DJ”

“I’ve always believed that photography is a way to shape human perception.” — James Balog

We received some extraordinary photo work and the judging was extremely close on a lot of the entries. Our whole purpose through these Expos is to find exceptional material and connect with artists all over the world. As with all of our creative expos, we will feature the top third of work received.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted! We look forward to continuing to connect with more of you and invite you to perhaps enter one of our other Creative Expos coming up.

…..• — Teen Media Expo (starting 02/15/17)
…..• — Circle Photo, Music & Fashion Expo (starting 06/15/17)
…..• — Poetry, Art & Photo Expo (starting 09/15/17)



We are always looking for AMAZING PHOTOS to feature in our multimedia art publication and award favored entries with an honorarium (in addition to publication). Entries can be photos of anything “music related.” Subject matter can be musicians, instruments or from any performance that uses “music” (including photos from concerts, rehearsals, stage productions, ballets, street music, etc.) — be creative — even abstract — we like that kind of stuff! You may enter up to 3 different photos and the first entry is free.


One GOLD LEVEL Photo Award — $300 — or comparable GOLD COIN
One GOLD LEVEL PhotoShop Award — $200 — or comparable GOLD COIN
Two SILVER LEVEL Photo Awards — $100 each — or comparable SILVER COIN


NEXT Music Photo Expo Begins: (To be determined)
Entry Deadline:

• Anyone over the age of 18 anywhere in the world can enter
• Photo can be of anything “music related” or of any “performance with music” — Be Creative
• We accept photos that have been slightly enhanced or manipulated in photoshop
• The “Photoshop Award” is for altered photos that have been intentionally artistically re-worked
• Include the Country, artist and any other details about the photo
• Photos should be appropriate for general audience
• All entries must be the original photo of submitter and can be from any date or time
• All entries to include photographer’s name and information
• Photographer retains copyright to material
• Attribution to photographer will be made with each exhibit/feature of the image
• Submission grants ZO permission to feature entry (for non-commercial use) in perpetuity

CASH AWARDS — Paid through Paypal only (or winner can choose a Gold or Silver Coin — of comparable price).

Please USE THE BUTTONS BELOW for submission.
If you cannot afford the submission fee, please send an email to info@zomagazine.com and we will send you a courtesy link for free submission. You can also send the request for a free submission link to our ZO Magazine Facebook page.



*Please do not submit more than one photo at a time. Multiple entries on one submission page cannot be processed.

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Photos link to Judges websites


Mike Quain

” . . . the first time I shot Jussie Smollett (from US Hit TV Show ‘ Empire’)” Mike Quain

Lisa Ridings - Organ

Lisa Ridings — Fantommst

Organ Pipes — Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, Spain


Ralf Poppcke

neue “Aufnahmen”: Listen To The Music ! – Philippe Ménard / Festival Jazz en Re 2012 © Ralf Poppcke – FOTOGRAFIE

Werner Hornung Art -- Gif by George Redhawk

Art by Werner Hornung — Gif by George Redhawk

The first half of the 20th century belongs to Picasso, and the second half is about photography.
They said digital would kill photography because everyone can do it,
but they said that about the box brownie in 1885 when it came out.
It makes photography interesting because everyone thinks they can take a picture.
— David Bailey —

We TOTALLY AGREE with David — and LOVE the new worldwide “Art Phenomenation” circling the globe!
Join all of those who are tapping into their creative selves and help it to expand!

Stay creative, keep shooting, pick up an instrument, paint, write, build a better mousetrap, do something creative! Whether you’re 2 or 122 . . . we encourage you to be who you creatively are so that Humanity will amass the energy it needs to get to the Next Level . . .

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We are looking for a photographer to join our Creative Team. The ideal person will have an extensive portfolio of interesting work — including but not limited to photos from live performances (music, theatre, street), art, fashion, design, nature and an array of eclectic “oddities.”

The photographer can be anywhere in the world and must have dependable Internet access with the ability to connect through Instagram. In addition to contributing to our online content, we will need the photographer to post at least 20 photos per month. This is a ground floor opportunity and we are offering a nominal monthly fee to start. ZO is growing steadily and it is our hope that everyone contributing to this new forum will increase in visibility as well as monetarily as we continue to grow.

Our Magazine connects with a lot of its creative contributors through the online creative exposés that it orchestrates. If you are interested in this position, please submit to our online Photo Expo through the buttons above. We will select a photographer from among those entering. (Photographers retain copyright to all of their work and we also very actively promote the work of those we feature.)

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