Your presence, your ART, your work, your life is changing the world . . . KEEP DREAMING!

End of Circle — Transparence

Do you ever notice coincidences — seemingly random numbers connecting in patterns that may be only relevant to you? Colors, synchronous communications, someone on the radio or television saying something that you were just thinking of, opening a book at just the right page, standing in front of the elevator door that opens first . . .

— these are all small breadcrumbs, but signs that you are . . .

— walking in rhythm!

Wherever you are — whatever you are doing — whatever seeming success you have or don’t have, KEEP CREATING, KEEP using whatever is at your disposal to make your life and the lives of those around you better. We are all creating the future; and you will inherit whatever it is you are working on — life is a continuum — and it extends beyond this present world.

— ART and imagination allow us to ponder and hint at some of the possibilities beyond . . .

FASHION: from Alpha Centauri to Zeta



Since the advent of the fig leaf — to Harlem‘s underground vogue clubs of the 1920s & 30s, fashion has done more than just cover bare flesh. The well-trafficked fashion houses of Rome, Paris, Tokyo and New York inspire art, culture and set the tone for the times.

Fashion is much more than what can be stepped into, out of or perched precariously on one’s head. Fashion originates from the mind of its designer and frames the living pages of humanity’s flesh and bone. In this aspect alone, the creative process is indeed “divine.” Fashion challenges and even redefines our personal realities and ideas. From the vantage point of the human psyche, the way we view the world and ourselves is subliminally influenced by how we choose to decorate our bodies. The way we dress is thought by some to be a reflection of our innate desire to nourish our cultural soul. The Egyptian as well as many others’ burial rites may hold a clue to this —something to ponder, anyway.

Dior’s take on Egypt …
Dior - egyptian_fashion_runway

From the inception of civilization “fashion as art” was a hindsight notion and we can only draw from that sight in retrospect. Survival mode cultures designed primarily on a level of warmth and functionality, and decoration was often birthed from a desire to strike fear, awe or control …

It was not until cultures evolved beyond the “survival mode” that the often wonderful creations of primitive societies developed to commercial viability and fashion took on its separate distinction.





– Convergence of Future Architecture, Art and Sound

“MONA is the art of the exhausted, of a decaying civilisation. Display lights and taste and stunning effects illuminate moral bankruptcy. What is highlighted melds perfectly with contemporary high fashion, design, architecture, cinema. It is expensive and tense decay.” — (Michael Connor Quadrant literary and cultural magazine)

It is not surprising that the strangest things are hidden under the ground. Many traditionally beautiful works shine best in the Louvre, where the very design of the spaces, the bright lighting and glass pyramids, reassure the viewers that art is a flat dead thing. As frightening as a butterfly pinned to a wall. MONA is not like that.

Excavated from a natural cliff Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art, is home to collections of work that more closely resemble the pupae stages, or perhaps mutant butterflies of undiscovered origin. MONA is three storeys deep and with its caverns and caves is perfectly suited for the display of dark art. Inspired by Walsh’s wanting to design it as “a temple to secularism”, it is a place for strange, lovely, challenging and sometimes frightening works. It’s also the place where my partner and I went for a holiday.

She always had a fascination with art, and was especially drawn to the contrast of a building of such contemporarily built aside the mountains of sleepy Tasmania. Set on a six-acre estate overlooking the River Derwent, MONA took $75 million to build and costs around $1 million a month to run. Such excess doesn’t seem possible upon first sight of the complex. Besides the occasional sculpture and vineyard, there’s very little of MONA that’s above ground.

“The building is not there” Walsh states, “you’re not given any cues about what to expect.”

Some visitors arrive by charted boat – a ferry that looks more like a bespoke warship – but my partner and I preferred to arrive by bus. As we walked up the hill, we noted how one of the more subversive galleries in Australia looked like nothing more than a farm with some rather large and eclectic tools scattered about. This design is all part of the effect however, Walsh has paid careful attention to the architecture that houses his collection, and this shows in the variety of works available. Some exhibitions have been provided thanks only to his consideration and his awareness of how location informs perception.


POUNAMU | Rain and ART


© Sława-Kładoczna-Gryta

Photo: © Sława-Kładoczna-Gryta

I don’t remember it even approaching. Don’t think there was the slightest drizzle to herald in what was to come. It just came, hard, heavy, hacking at the window beside me as I worked over my sculpture of the late Chancellor Briggins.

“Zoma,” a voice snaps me out of my trance. My instructor.


“You know,” she begins, placing her hands on the window. Her reflection, I imagine as a water spirit looking in at its trapped victims. “In light of recent events, I’ve decided to extend the sculpture deadline indefinitely.”

“That…that’s great news…”

“We’ll be needing all the great news we can get.”

Professor Spora looks over my sculpture. She extends a fingernail and runs it over the not-yet-made hairline.

“What are,” I start to ask before she answers my question.

“Bishop had a scar right here.”

“Good place to hide a scar.”



We are experimenting with this first illustrated contemplative “PhiloDrama”kind of a nexus between thoughts about art, elements, philosophy and story.

We are going to try this as a PhiloDrama Series around the elements of RAIN, WIND, FIRE and ICE.

Photography throughout this article by: Sława Kładoczna-Gryta (except where otherwise noted).

MUSIC has been one of the greatest forces for change on Earth …


Pictured is KIM CHURCH – a part of the PLAYING FOR CHANGE movement.

Admittedly, there is a lot of trouble on planet Earth, but there are some extremely beautiful people here also; and the world – no matter what you say – is growing more aware, more united and more informed each day … BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE really works.

Playing for Change connects musicians all over the world in these amazing synchronized concerts. It takes a lot of coordination, but would be great if it could happen at least once a week until things change.

Yeah wishful thinking.


Yukiko Nisimura

Yukiko’s music is transportive. If you want to check out of the world for a moment … take a listen.

In one of ZO’s past incarnations we amassed a music playlist of well over 1000 musical artists that we featured in our daily art and music convergence presentations … still working on how to present this latest incarnation ..


People are sick of division, war, and injustice … the healthy human Spirit craves basically the same things no matter what culture — to have respect, fall in love, eat, sleep & live well …

Idan has fused Israeli pop music with Middle Eastern, African, Indian and other global sounds in multicultural collaborations which are not only breaking down sterotypes and barriers – but also sales!

I was surprised at how many years he’s been breaking down assumptions and barriers in the middle east. Still a lot of people haven’t heard of him. His concerts with India Arie are amazing! The perspective of talks between the musicians he works with really shows the difference in perspective on peace in the middle east. They play so well together!

הפרויקט של עידן רייכל – ממעמקים
The song in this YouTube video was inspired by the Book of Pslams.

from the depth (of my soul) I called you, come to me
with your return my eyes will be lightened again
the touch of your hand is unfinished, not letting go
that would reach and bright up to the sound of your laughter
from the depth (of my soul) I called you, come to me,
in from of the moon that will light your way back to me
spread and melted by the touch of your hand
to your ears I whisper, asking
Chorus: who’s calling you tonight? listen
who’s singing out loud to you, below your window
who’s putting his soul (as in giving all he has) for you to be happy
who’s giving his hands to build your home
who’s giving his life and will put it under you
who’s gonna live as dust to your feet
who love you the most, more than all of your lovers
who’s gonna save you from every single bad spirit?
from the depth (of his soul)
from the depth (of my soul) I called you, come to me,
in from of the moon that will light your way back to me
spread and melted by the touch of your hand
to your ears I whisper, asking
Chorus: who’s calling you tonight? Listen . . .


The Legend continues …


Doris Brendel

What can we say … we love what we love 🙂

Eventually, ZO will be playing “inventive”, “visual” “timeless” artists each day and choosing some for inclusion in our upcoming film.

Art Tech

Do you really need your phone while underwater?

Some do 🙂


Limitless power? …

Conspiracy theorists believe it is possible and that governments and those desiring to dole it out drop by drop for profit are keeping it away from the masses.

There is a plethora of inventions coming on the market making fantastic claims about it and some say Tesla literally gave his life over it.

Hmmmm ….

Eat It!

With great thanks to Nina for taking these …

Pictured below: Raspberry Summer Pudding with Port Wine Figs and Vanilla Bean Yogurt Panna Cotta by Erich Herbitschek.


Pineapple Pillow and Burnt Orange Yogurt Ice Cream by Stephane Weber … sorbet and a cookie placed in the hole in the pillow (eyes rolling up in ecstasy).


Glowing Circle 2x